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Are you looking for an Allmax Isoflex Review? You have come to the right place!

Within this review, I will be including a rating on quality, taste/mixability and the overall “value” of the product. Allow me to start with a little overview!

Product Overview:

Allmax Isoflex is the highest quality protein powder that Allmax produces. It is one of the most popular protein powders in the supplement industry and in my experience, is talked about in the highest manner.

People like the high protein content, taste, mixability and the Allmax brand in general. Let’s discuss this in more detail throughout this review!

The Quality:

This product contains 90% protein… what does this mean? For every tub, 90% of it is protein. For every 30 gram scoop, there is 27 grams of high quality, whey protein isolate.

What does this mean for you? Well… it means you are getting what you pay for. You purchase a protein powder because you want protein powder… not a bunch of stuff that isn’t protein.

Whey protein isolate means it is the purest form of whey protein you can get. Almost all of the other stuff has been taken out of the equation. It is basically pure protein ready to be taken in and digested. This means it is super high-quality!

The only protein that can be digested better would be hydrolyzed protein as it is pre-digested. However, the protein is the same and the makeup is the same. Whey protein is still a super fast-digesting protein, so I don’t see the need to spend more money on hydrolyzed protein. At least in my opinion.

All in all, the Allmax Whey Protein Isolate is high quality and fast-digesting with no fats and only 2 grams of carbs per scoop. You are getting 27 grams of high-quality protein, which is without a doubt substantial enough to help you hit your protein goal for the day.

I rate the quality of this protein a 10/10. It’s tough to beat the purification of this whey protein isolate when looking at the ingredients panel. Don’t worry… the pot gets sweeter when we talk about its taste and mixability!


Allmax Isoflex protein comes in 12 different flavours. Some of the more popular ones include: Cookies & Cream, Orange Dreamsicle and Banana. Yes… don’t worry they have chocolate and vanilla for all you boring people out there. Just kidding… preferences are preferences!

I’ve only tried the cookies and cream flavour, but it is phenomenal! I find it has the perfect balance between taste, sweetness and texture when mixed. I can mix it in a simple glass of milk and it is awesome!

I am not personally a big protein in water guy, but I believe this would taste alright in water.

I recently started using a Promiix blender cup and it takes the mixing of this protein to a whole new level.

You can get away with stirring, but there will be a few clumps. A healthy amount of time shaking with a shaker cup will mix the powder awesomely!

However, when I use the Promiix blender it is perfectly mixed with the liquid in 10 seconds. It tastes like a premade protein shake you would get from the store!

From overall taste to sweetness, to the texture and of course mixability, Isoflex hits the nail and on the head in my personal opinion!

I give the taste/mixability of this protein powder an overall score of 9/10. The only reason it doesn’t get a perfect score is because it seems to be missing that wow factor for taste. I have yet to find a protein powder that tastes phenomenal even in a glass of water.

P.S – Another great benefit of this protein is the scoop lock that they have. They have designed the scoop to rest on the ledges at the top of the bottle so you don’t need to go searching for it in your protein powder!

Is It Worth It?

First off, this product comes in 2 and 5-pound containers. Of course, the 5-pound container is going to have a slightly better price per scoop.

At an awesome local supplement shop, I can get the 2-pound containers for around $40.00 and the 5-pound containers for about $80.00 (in Canadian funds). You can expect to pay slightly more online from what I have seen.

The 2-pound container will yield about 30 scoops and the 5-pound container will yield around 75 scoops. You are basically paying $40.00 for a month’s worth of protein or $80.00 for just under 3 months worth of protein.

I think one scoop a day to help hit your protein targets at about $40.00 a month would make a lot of sense for many people. If you’ve got a bit of extra cash, I believe it is worth it as it is beneficial and it tastes great!

If you are strapped for cash, it is certainly not a requirement. Focus on whole foods and hit your daily protein goal that way!

I recommend supporting local, but if you can’t find this in town for some reason or you are able to get a good deal online, you can purchase it here:

Did you enjoy this article? I hope it has been able to help you with your purchase decision! If you have ANY questions, please be sure to leave them in the comment section below where I will be sure to respond! Take care, everyone!

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