Benefits of Kettlebell Swings

One of the most fundamental strength training movement patterns is the hip hinge, this is also highly relative to athletic training and playing purposes. The kettlebell swing uses a hip hinge to execute the movement. This combined with the resistance used in the exercise means it has tremendous potential to generate and work on power output.

In this article, I will be outlining 3 benefits of kettlebell swings. I will be sure to explain each benefit so you can determine if this is an exercise for you to perform to your benefit!

Powerful Hip Hinge:

A hip hinge is ultimately a flexion followed by an extension of the hips, this is mainly powered by the glutes. Being able to perform a powerful hip hinge is crucial to strength training (such as in the deadlift) or athletic performance like when you jump while playing basketball.

This exercise is ultimately a flexion of the hips followed by an extension, which is what actually propels the kettlebell. This exercise is great for working on your hip hinge power as you must absorb the weight through hip flexion, and propel it through a powerful hip extension.

Progressively increasing the tension you are applying to your muscles during this exercise will allow you to develop your hip hinge strength and power to progressively benefit your overall strength.

Great Assistance Exercise:

Since this exercise works the strength of one’s hip hinge it can certainly be a valuable exercise to help build up a main compound exercise such as the deadlift. The way an assistance exercise works is typically by focusing on a certain portion of a main compound exercise, and focussing on developing that portion of the lift.

If we take the kettlebell swing, and use it to help increase our strength in the deadlift, we would typically take a fairly heavyweight and perform this exercise in the 6-8 rep range. You would then focus your progression of this exercise around the weight you are using as that is most relative to gaining strength!

Powerful Conditioning Effect:

The kettlebell swing is certainly a taxing movement when looking at it from a cardiovascular standpoint. This is mainly do in part to it being a compound exercise, having constant movement while performing it and demanding constant stability from the core and many other muscles.

What this means is if you are looking to work on your conditioning, performing this exercise using higher reps, or in a circuit is one of the best movements you can do! The reason I say this is because you are challenging your strength while you are simultaneously putting a demand on your cardiovascular system.

All this put together makes for a fun, challenging and rewarding exercise that you can use to your benefit for a variety of goals!

The Gist of Kettlebell Swings:

All in all, the kettlebell swing is a great athletic movement and one that can be highly beneficial for developing compound movements like the deadlift. If you are looking for an intense conditioning effect, you can certainly use this exercise to your advantage… or disadvantage, haha!

I thank you for taking the time to read this article, and look forward to you being able to benefit from the information! As always, if you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to leave them below and I will be sure to reply!


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  1. A friend of mine has started these kettleball swings and he says he is seeing such a difference in his strength.  I am a bit hesitant to try it as i broke my wrist a couple years ago and eventually had to have wrist surgery.  What would be your recommendations or suggestions regarding this?

    • Hi there, concerns with injuries need to be addressed through proper medical advice. I am not a doctor and do not give advice on injuries. Thanks for checking out the article, however!

  2. Well understood! I followed some friends to the gym today and I was introduced to the kettle bell swings. Though I was enthusiastic about it at first but after i was done, I felt pain around my hips and hands (maybe because that was my first time of visiting the gym), that is the reason I decided to check out the benefits of this training. Since it helps to increase strength, I would look forward to trying it out again. Thanks for the article

    • Hi Tracy, the pain you are experiencing from this exercise may be a result of being new to working out. Just be sure you are executing the movement with proper form, and are not experiencing injury pain. Make sure you are fully recovered before exercising these muscle groups again!

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