Benefits of The Floor Press – Build Your Bench Press!

In this article, I will be explaining the major benefits of the floor press. I will give 3 benefits and ensure you know how they relate to your training. This will allow you to understand how this exercise can help you and see if it is right for you!

Bench Press Assistance:

This exercise is a great assistance exercise for the bench press, this is for 3 main reasons. The first being it allows you to focus the work on the triceps. Secondly, it can be trained to overload the triceps. Lastly, it is a similar exercise to the bench press, thus having great carryover benefits. Let’s explain these benefits a little more.

Since this exercise cuts the standard bench press range of motion in half, the majority of the lift is elbow extension, this focuses the work on the triceps. What this means is if triceps are a weak point of yours, it can be a great way to develop them. Both from a strength and hypertrophy standpoint.

If lockout strength in the bench press is a weakness of yours, this is also a great exercise because that essentially is the exercise. It allows you to overload the triceps to work on their strength for the lockout, as well as get repetitions in. Practice is huge for developing your skill with a particular lift!

Lastly, since this exercise is quite similar to the bench press, any work you do with it will have great carry over to the standard bench press. Whether this be in the form of strengthening your triceps, working on lockout strength or just overall bench press technique!

Triceps Hypertrophy:

Besides the close grip bench press, it can be difficult to find meat and potatoes exercises for the triceps. What I mean by this are exercises that can be trained heavy and can have progressive overload applied in numerous ways. Since this exercise focuses on the triceps but still has help from your shoulders, chest, and stability from the back, it certainly can be trained heavy.

This allows you to apply a heavy training stimulus to the triceps, all while working on their strength capacity! This exercise allows you to have another primary triceps exercise in your arsenal to help develop the size and strength of this muscle.

A Great Work-Around Exercise:

Let’s say the bench press is your primary exercise, however, your shoulder starts to hurt so you shouldn’t perform it. The floor press can be a great substitute while you work on your shoulder as it focuses the weight on your triceps and has much less shoulder activation.

I am not saying this exercise should be employed in all scenarios like this. However, if you can safely try it and it feels like a good fit, consider giving it a shot! Make sure you don’t overlook proper medical attention, however, if you require it, and do not do anything against doctors orders!

The Gist of The Floor Press:

All in all, the floor press is a great exercise to help develop your bench press, work on triceps size and strength and it has the potential to be a good workaround exercise for a sore shoulder.

If this exercise seems like it would work for you, then give it a shot. I thank you for taking the time to read this article! As always, if you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to leave them below and I will be sure to reply!


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4 Responses

  1. Great information.

    I’ve struggled with my triceps for quite some time, and I get tired of the same old exercised.  I wish I would have seen or thought of this exercise earlier.  It seems like a perfect way to focus on that area.  I haven’t had shoulder issues (yet), but this will be good to keep in mind if I do start having problems.

    • Hi Wayne, I am so glad you were able to benefit from this article! Always be sure to consult with a medical professional if injuries do arise. Knock on wood they don’t!

  2. I’d like to get a confirmation from you that for people with backbone problems like Scoliosis, doing floor press is the ideal way to go because, you are basically lying down on the floor and there’s no pressure from the weights to the backbone, am I correct with that?

    Thanks for this article. Although at first, I didn’t know what the article is saying. But, it encouraged me to go on searching on the web and from there it enhanced my understanding of the exercise. Now, I will wait for your reply so I can move on with my home fitness activities.

    • Hi Gomer, thanks for checking out the post! I am not a doctor and do not give medical advice. Anyone with medical situations should consult with proper medical advice.

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