Benefits of The Leg Press!

Wondering what the benefits of the leg press are? This is your article!

I will be going over 3 of the primary benefits for this exercise and their relation to our training!

Benefit #1 – Quad Targeting:

The first and primary benefit of this exercise is how well it targets the quads. This is due to the movement being based upon flexion of the knee, which in turn, activates the quads. If you use a proper range of motion, the quads are being activated to a high degree!

This benefit is most relative to hypertrophy as we have an exercise that can be trained heavy or light and is easy to apply progressive overload to. All of this while it directs the stimulus directly towards the muscle group we are trying to work!

We have the volume and means of progression all applied to muscle we want them applied to!

Benefit #2 – Highly Versatile:

The next benefit of this exercise is how versatile it is. As I mentioned above, we can train it heavy or light, which allows us to vary the rep range we are using while still fatiguing the muscle!

Why is this so beneficial? Different rep ranges are often best suited for different goals or applications within a specific workout. Having the ability to easily and effectively tailor this exercise how we want makes it great for applying it in a variety of scenarios!

Also, we can add bands to the exercise which will even out the strength curve. This makes the movement more effective with the bands stretching and increasing the tension as the exercise is supposed to be getting easier and easier on the target muscle.

This can be a useful application no matter your goal. I wouldn’t recommend always using it as there are many advantages to standard sets, however, it can be useful for variation or to use within a training block!

Benefit #3 – Great For Beginners:

While I wouldn’t say the leg press is a better alternative to the standard back squat overall, I would say it is just as beneficial for the goal of hypertrophy. For the goal of strength, the squat would be better in most circumstances.

The point I am trying to make is that the squat is a rather complex exercise when it comes to properly executing it, and the leg press can be a great way for an individual to get in training stimulus for their quads while learning the squat.

I would not use the leg press as a substitute, rather, use it while learning the squat and then implement it in a logical fashion once the squat has been properly learned. This is actually what I did!

That’s All!

That’s the article folks… thanks for reading! Got any questions? Leave them in the comment section below! I respond to all of them!


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