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Nutrition tracking apps can be very useful to help individuals gain knowledge around the food they are consuming and to help them stay on track with their goals. But what is the best nutrition tracking app? I have tried a few of these apps before, but I think my favourite one will surprise you.

Let’s see!


This app is one of, if not the most well-known apps for individuals to track their nutrition. It is readily accessible, easy to use and has a huge food database. It has everything an individual would need to track their nutrition.

It has slots for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, water intake and exercise. It allows you to scan barcodes so you can easily bring up the exact food you are consuming.

A super user-friendly layout with everything you need makes it perfect for an individual to get started on a positive note with their nutrition tracking. That is one of the primary reasons that I like this app.

However, it does have its downfalls. The primary and most significant one in my eyes is the food database that contains so many foods that it can become overwhelming. Don’t get me wrong, having lots of foods in the database isn’t a bad thing, but many of them are generated by users.

This means there is no one, uniform selection of foods. This is where I find it to be overwhelming. Not to mention, many of the entries can be inaccurate with the nutrition stats for the specific foods. This can be attributed to the app allowing users to add their own foods to the database.

Another gripe that I have with MyFitnessPal is how it adds back exercise calories to an individual’s total calorie total. I don’t like this for a couple of reasons. First off, many people under-report the calories they consume to begin with. Adding back calories burned from exercise just gives them more calories to eat. For those with the goal of fat loss, this is not a good thing.

Also, exercise can be a great way to help create a calorie deficit. Adding back all the calories you burned from exercise kind of defeats the purpose. Either way, this wouldn’t typically be a huge deal if you have accurate stats for the exercise and you still have a calorie deficit in place. However, MyFitnessPal tends to overestimate the amount of calories burned in a specific activity.

However, if your goal is to maintain body weight or grow muscle, these calorie imperfections won’t have much of an impact on you.

Overall, I love how MyFitnessPal is set up and helps create a positive experience, helping individuals become more encouraged to continue tracking their nutrition. However, the chaos of the food database and the exercise calorie imperfections leads me to question… there has to be a better way?!

Well… there is!

Mikes Macros:

Allow me to describe Mikes Macros in two sentences:

An app that is developed by Mike Vacanti, an individual in the fitness industry that knows what he is talking about and has years of experience. An app that is the most straight forward, to the point, uncomplicated process… and has a food database with zero confusion and great accuracy.

Ok… maybe that was a little long-winded, but I can’t leave out details that describe the awesomeness of this app. Seriously.

When you log in, it asks you a series of straight forward questions. I am confident in their ability to set nutrition guidelines for your goals. I am not confident in the process MyFitnessPal has. Once these questions or answered, it gives you recommended guidelines for your calories and macronutrients. Ya know… the super important stuff!

Even if these numbers don’t end up being super accurate for you, they get you in a good ballpark and put you in an awesome position to adjust if needed.

When you consume a food, you search it up. Mike has added all of the foods you need to the database with ACCURATE nutrition details for them. No need to search through 100 listings for the same food. It is as straight forward as it gets.

Find your food, and add it to the appropriate feeding slot.

If you have a combination of ingredients to make a food (such as pasta with meat sauce), you can add all the items individually. However, you can also look at the nutrient totals for these ingredients and make your own custom food to save you time should you eat that meal again in the future. MyFitnessPal has this feature, but again, I really don’t trust its food database.

The ONLY thing that I feel Mikes Macros is missing would be a label scanner. This is just a really quick and convenient way to get the exact data for the food you’re eating. However, this app is free, runs no ads and is made by someone who cares and who’s sole focus is NOT on the bottom line.

Mikes Macros is awesome and you should try it out if you’re looking for a nutrition tracking app. Reminder: ITS FREE… and DOESN’T have an upgrade option where you need pay to get these “extra special features”.

Thanks, Mike.

That’s All Folks!

That’s my thoughts. I looked at the most popular nutrition tracking app… but them swiftly dismissed it with Mikes Macros. It’s like the popular (at least currently popular) Undertaker vs Randy Orton meme. Mikes Macros is the Undertaker and MyFitnessPal is Randy Orton… and MyFitnessPal should be intimated. Allow me to paste a picture of the meme…

Got questions? Leave em in the comment section where I will be sure to respond! Thanks for reading everybody and take care!


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