Best Songs For Workouts – Straight Fire!

Anyone who has a workout playlist that they really vibe with understands that there are 100% best songs for workouts. They hit all the elements to help with focus and getting amped up!

You likely alsounderstand just how sacred this playlist is, not just any song can go on it. If you’re anything like me, you are quite picky about the songs that are allowed on the playlist. I am sure you know how difficult it can beto come across worthy additions.

For this reason, I am including the best songs for your workout playlist that will help you crush your workout! I once had 6 songs on repeat for my playlist as I never allowed anything that wasn’t perfect. I now have 60 songs of straight fire and I plan on sharing my top 10!

Number 1 will be my absolute favourite song. Trust me when I say… this won’t be easy for me to pick!

Song #10: We Own It (2 Chainz & Wiz Khalifa):

This song is perfect for getting the vibe going and to bring the energy up. It has a nice base, but the lyrics are easy to hear and I find them to be quite enjoyable.

The perfect song to kick off this list! Keep reading for more! Click here to view the song!

Song #9: POWER (Kanye West):

Time to bring up the mood with this song that screams… GET AFTER IT! An upbeat base to set yourself up for the perfect workout vibe with lyrics that hit hard! This song packs a punch and sets the tone for the session!

Click here to view the song!

Onto the next!

Song #8: Money in The Grave (Drake [feat. Rick Ross]):

Time to bring the vibe to a laser focussed, get after it feel! This song has got a base that hits hard with lyrics that flow well with it. Perfect to continue the fire that this playlist already is… and we’re only 3 songs in!

Click here to view the song!

Number 7 here we come!

Song #7: Know (NF):

NF is in his own class of music. It’s a mix between pop and rap but has an intense and sometimes eery undertone feel to it. I find this song helps with getting laser focussed even more, and bringing out some emotion to put into the sets!

I may very well enjoy this song a ton as I connect with his lyrics immensely. I believe there is a good chance you will too! If not, I am confident you’ll still enjoy this song and others from him as they are just quality, overall songs! Oh… it’s got a base drop that hits sooooo hard at the beginning of the song as well!

Click here to view the song!

Song #6: Fed Up (Bazanji):

This song is the perfect combination between fast-paced and hard-hitting combined with lyrics that flow and contribute to the… LET’S ROLL vibe!

Give it a try, I find it to be perfect for the training sessions! Click here to view the song!

Song #5: Danger (Migos and Marshmellow):

This song has a great flow to it with a constant beat that hits hard. All this comes with lyrics that have an impact!

I find it complements the hard work an individual is likely putting in during his or her workout very well! Click here to view the song!

Song #4: Intro 2 (NF):

One of, if not the most intense songs you will ever hear. Period. Enough said. Click here to view the song!

Song #3: Stepdad (Eminem):

If you listen to the lyrics in this song, they hit with so much intensity and emotion it’s actually crazy. This song gets my anger going (not always a good thing, but it can have it’s applications if applied properly).

I put this anger directly into my sets. Check it out. Now. Click here to view the song!

Song #2: Isis (Joyner Lucas):

Interesting name, but a phenomenal song!

A fast-paced structure with a catchy yet powerful base with lyrics that are easy to hear and have an impact. Great for focus while having everything you need in it to feel the energy!

Click here to view the song!

Song #1: Godzilla (Eminem):

Just released by the OG himself, Eminem. A super hard-hitting and catchy base that lays the whole foundation for the song. The lyrics are solid but it is absolutely incredible how fast he spits in the last minute or so of the song.

Faster than any song he has ever done. Yes, faster than Rap God! Click here to view the song!

That’s All Folks!

Well, everyone, those are my top 10 songs to train to! All meticulously picked with reasons behind them! I am so confident they will add a ton of heat to your playlist if you don’t listen to them currently!

Let me know how you enjoy these musical masterpieces in the comment section of this article! I am eager to listen to your thoughts and am confident you will have a positive reaction to them!

Take care, everyone!


Until Next Time,

Kohl Johnson

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