Can You Lose Fat and Build Muscle?

Have you ever wondered if you can lose fat and build muscle… at the same time? I will be answering that question in this article with all the detail that you may need!

Without further ado, let’s hop into the article!

Is This Possible?

To get the answer out there, yes, it is possible to achieve this goal. Losing fat and building muscle at the same time is also called body recomposition.

While it is possible, not all people achieve results in the same fashion as this goal depends largely on your individual circumstances. For some individuals, it may be a very practical goal for them to achieve. For others, this goal may be so ineffective it would be a waste of time.

You are likely wondering what these individual circumstances involve, so allow me to discuss that with you!

Why Is This Goal Tricky?

The reason this goal works best for select individuals is because we are trying to combine two separate goals that are optimally achieved from two different approaches. When we are trying to lose fat, we must be in a caloric surplus. When we’re trying to gain muscle, a caloric surplus is not required, however, it is optimal,

When we are in a caloric deficit, our performance in the gym decreases. When we are trying to gain muscle and are in a caloric surplus, we have plenty of energy to fuel our training. The more effort we can put into training, the better our results will be.

While this goal is tricky to achieve, some individuals are primed/ideal for achieving this goal as their individual circumstances allow them to flow with these different demands for the individual goals of building muscle.

Who Is This Goal Optimal For?

Body recomposition is optimal for 3 primary groups of people. Those who are significantly overweight, are new to weight training or people who have taken a lengthy amount of time off.

When an individual is significantly overweight, they have plenty of body fat to burn for fuel. This extra fuel helps to support the processes required to build muscle. Think of the additional fat as a cushion. Your body will focus on burning that for calories. This acts as a buffer for your body to retain and even build muscle.

When you are new to training, your body is the most primed it will ever be to achieve gains. This means your body doesn’t need to have ideal circumstances to build muscle. You could be in a slight caloric deficit and build a considerable amount of muscle assuming you are taking in enough protein.

This same principle applies to those who have taken a while off training. Your body will be primed to make gains. Also, any gains that you have lossed will likely come back much quicker as your body retains to capacity you have built for muscle. Filling that capacity is much easier than creating that capacity and filling it.

Who Isn’t This Goal Meant For?

As you may be able to infer, the opposite of who this goal is meant for is who this goal isn’t meant for. Individuals who are relatively lean or are experienced lifters are those who this goal wouldn’t work well for. If you are in one of these categories, it may work a little for you. If you are in both of these categories, you will likely see little to no progress.

When you are lean, your body doesn’t have that cushion of body fat to use for energy. So if you are not eating in a surplus, it doesn’t have adequate fuel to support to processes involved in building muscle.

If you are an experienced lifter, it takes more time and consistent effort to achieve gains; and often fewer gains. This means that eating in a surplus is required to see any meaningful gains.

If you combine both of these, you are lean and an experienced lifter, you are not in an ideal position to lose fat and build muscle at the same time. You won’t have the energy source necessary to build any significant muscle.

How Do You Achieve This?

Guidelines for achieving this goal would be best suited for an article devoted to just that! Stay on the lookout for that article! You can do this by subscribing to my mail list where I send notifications of when I post new articles!

I will add that article link to the list below when it comes out!

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Wrapping Up:

Well, folks, that’s all for today’s article! Now you know that losing fat and building muscle is possible, but you also know who this goal is best suited towards!

I thank you very much for taking the time to read and would love to hear any questions or comments that you may have below! I am always excited to discuss with you all!

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