Expectations During Fat Loss

If you have the goal of fat loss, this article will be very helpful to you and your success.

I will be discussing expectations during fat loss!

I believe many people go into a fat loss journey without being prepared for certain obstacles. When these obstacles come up, they don’t know how to handle them or they don’t want to handle them. When this happens, it oftentimes sends people on a downward path.

Understanding what obstacles to expect and being equipped with methods to deal with these obstacles will help you push through the various roadblocks that you can expect. This will help with success for your fat loss journey.

Spikes & Drops:

When losing fat, there will be numerous times when your weight spikes up after it has dropped. The scale won’t be a constant downward trend. It will go down and down and up and down and up and down, down, down and back up and down. However, when you consistently adhere to the fat loss principles, the overall trend will be downward.

So don’t get discouraged when the weight spikes up after it has been going down. This can be due to a variety of things. A lot of the time, it is simply your body holding onto more water from higher carb or sodium intake, or a hard training session. Your body won’t just increase a pound of body fat in 24 hours.

Have your fat loss guidelines to adhere to. Consistently execute those guidelines (I said consistently, not perfectly). Weigh yourself every day and don’t get discouraged and fall of the tracks just because a spike happened. Stay on your plan and you will see that the average of your weigh-ins is an overall decrease over time. You need to look at the trend.

Oh… and if you do fall off track… just get back on. You can’t move forward if you’re not on the track.


When you’re eating a calorie deficit you are bound to have some hunger. You are intentionally under-feeding your body (not drastically, but a bit of a calorie deficit). So your body is going to get hungry.

Keep your protein intake high. Protein helps keep you full. The evidence is mixed but I believe drinking water and eating high volume, lower-calorie foods is beneficial since I find those foods help to keep me full.

The more of that full feeling you have, the less hungry you will feel and the better you will be able to stick to your plan.


When you are looking to lose fat, maintaining a calorie deficit is the most important part. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the foods you love. You can absolutely make room in your calorie allotment to have some pizza or ice cream.

However, a key part of this is to plan for these things. Having whatever you want and however much you want isn’t going to help you.

There are foundational foods that are great to be eating and are highly conducive to the goal of fat loss (for example, higher protein, lower-calorie and higher volume foods). The majority of your nutrition should come from these types of foods.

But, you can still enjoy those less quality foods. The problem comes from people not planning for these less quality foods. You’re doing great and all of a sudden you’re at a family get together with pizza and ice cream and cake. Uh oh… now, what do I do. It is super easy to overeat these types of foods when you haven’t planned for them.

Going way over your calories on a day or two can absolutely hurt progress for that week.

So plan, plan, plan. Maybe you eat less leading up to the event. Maybe you lower calories on some days leading up to the event so you can enjoy that evening or that lunch how you want.

Temptations aren’t temptations when they are apart of your plan.

I appreciate you taking the time to read and I hope this has been beneficial. If you have any questions or comments, leave them in the comment section below!


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