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In this section of my website, I will be describing the meaning of all kinds of fitness words. When going about finding fitness information it can often be annoying when words are used to describe things and you don’t know what they mean. This can lead to confusion of the topic or not understanding it at all. Those putting out information often don’t explain what certain words actually mean because it may not be relative to the topic being discussed or it could be a general inconvenience.

That is the goal of this section of my website, I want to describe the meaning of many of these different keywords so it will make your information finding much easier and effective. I will also be ensuring the description of these words are exactly what they actually mean relative to fitness, because getting the wrong information could be just as bad if not worse than not knowing the word at all.

Within all of these posts I will be including the overall definition, how it relates to your training and some of the benefits and circumstances where you may want to use some of the terms discussed. I will ensure I include adequate detail yet not too much where it gets to be a 20-minute read just to figure out what a word means.

I really think this will aid greatly in your finding and applying information to your training, I look forward to you benefiting from the articles! If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and I will be sure to answer them! Enjoy!


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Kohl Johnson

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