Full Affect Fitness in a Nutshell

What is Full Affect Fitness? It is combining and using all the factors required to achieve your fitness goals in a safe, sustainable and effective way. This in turn will allow you to truly see the full effect of all your hard work. At the end of the day, what are we training for? We are training for some type of goal or multiple goals that we want to achieve, whether it be fat loss, muscle gain or both. Increased strength and athleticism or even a better overall lifestyle, we all train and put in the work for something! That’s why I created fullaffectfitness.com, I want to give you the information that will be able to assist you in your fitness journey! Through self-education and experience, I feel I can lay this information out in a unique way that will be helpful to you.

Before you think I am giving out magic information that will help achieve your fitness goals instantly, I want to make it clear that nothing will happen unless you put in the discipline, dedication and hard work. These three things are how you will achieve the full effect of your hard work, without them you will achieve nothing but mediocre results. If you’re going to go for it, you might as well go all in.

That is Full Affect Fitness in a nutshell, I truly do try to encompass all the parts of fitness and bring them to you in one location. I thank you for taking an interest in my site, and if you haven’t read the “About Me” section, I recommend you do so, this will give you a look into who I am and my background. I  look forward to interacting with you in the comment section of my posts. Keep crushing it!


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Kohl Johnson

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Kohl Johnson

I am a 16-year-old fitness fanatic! I have learned nothing but quality training and nutrition information from the utmost well-respected individuals in the field. Now, my only focus is to share this knowledge with you for your benefit, in the most honest way possible. We are all in this together! LET'S GO!

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  1. Hi Kohl

    You certainly have a passion for fitness alright and I just read your about me page and loved your zest for life and fitness

    I need to up my fitness levels and I’m looking forward to coming back here to see how you can help me as I am getting a little older now and still want to retain good health and be able to go fishing whenever I have free time

    Thank you

    • Hi Vicki, thank you! I really do think my content will be of help to you! I plan on creating another article this week! You can check out the Starting Fitness section of my website for some guidance.

  2. I have always been reticent on changing my fitness practice, as I want to hit “fitness goals in a safe, sustainable and affective way” as you state. You being able to use your experience to help with weight loss and muscle gain is going to be huge for myself and others in terms of our long term health. I have the “discipline, dedication and hard work” ethic to put in the hours, and with fullaffectfitness I believe I )and many others) can hit their goals. Love it!

    • That’s great to hear you are looking for a change in your fitness! Having the dedication, discipline and work ethic is what builds the foundation, your on the right track! I will be rolling out more content soon, it should be of help to you!

  3. So the secret sauce is exactly what I live my life with, and that is discipline, dedication, and hard work.  Discipline when I run my own business, but yet I set my schedule and adhere to it without fail.l  Dedication as in taking my business seriously and making it a priority, especially when it comes to my time, and of course hard work.  Hard work is setting goals and then meeting them, doing what it takes to be successful, and giving it your all!  Great piece!


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