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Today I will be discussing a very strong smelling salt! This is a Nose Tork review! I have purchased a couple of bottles of this product and used it consistently during my strength training and Olympic lifting programs. I figured, why not write a review for it!

I will be discussing its effectiveness as well as something I would like to see improved upon. I will then be providing my closing opinion on whether or not I think this product is worth it!

What It’s About:

Nose Tork is supposed to be a hard-hitting ammonia inhalant that lasts a long time without losing its potency. From what I can tell, the product only comes in the bottle form. In my experience, the bottle form of smelling salts are the strongest form… so that’s good!

As for my experience with Nose Tork, I purchased a bottle from my local supplement shop. The first time I cracked it open and used it, I was confident that it was worth my money. It was strong and it definitely packed a punch. I am not aware of any research supporting the performance benefit of smelling salts, however, I can confidently say from MY EXPERIENCE that smelling salts help in some way, shape or form. At least from a mental standpoint in my opinion.

I used the same bottle of smelling salts throughout a 12-week strength training program and the level of potency was very similar from week 1 to week 11. I say week 11 because I went and bought a new bottle for PR week to know I was getting the freshest stuff possible. However, the bottle I had been using for the previous 11 weeks would have done the job just fine.

I was using it between 3 and 5 times per week, so I would say it has a fairly long-lasting potency. This is especially true since I am confident I could have continued using the same bottle for 6+ weeks after the 12-week strength program with a very similar level of potency.

To recap, this stuff packs a punch and lasts a significant length of time. Let’s talk about the one thing I would like to see improved with the product!


The only gripe I have with Nose Tork is that every time I open it some of the salts that get under the cap and stuck against the bottle sprinkle down after opening the cap. This just seems like a waste of product and something that would take away from the potency and how long the bottle lasts.

I don’t know if it just needs a tighter seal or what, but some sort of fix for that would be great. I know I always do the lid on tight, so I don’t believe that is the issue.

Let’s talk about if I think this product is worth it!

Is It Worth It?

I purchased a bottle for $15.00 at my local shop. Considering it gives me a good boost and lasts for 12+ weeks, I think the $15.00 is well worth it. You spend the money and get what is in my eyes some decent benefit without thinking about spending another $15.00 for at least 12 weeks.

If you’re using this just for your use and not passing it around the locker room and having it get spilt all over the place, I certainly believe this product is worth it!

Supporting local is always a good thing and this isn’t significant enough of a purchase for me to worry about saving a few bucks from buying online. If you have this available in town, I’d suggest you get it there, then you have it right away as well.

If your town doesn’t have it or you want to save a few bucks, you can get it online from Westside Barbell by clicking here.

Thank you very much for reading everyone! I hope this information has been able to help you with your purchase decision as that is always my goal when I review a product! If you have ANY questions or comments, leave them down below in the comment section where I will be sure to respond!


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Kohl Johnson

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