What is a Full Range of Motion? – Better Your Training!

You may have heard this phrase before, and although it seems fairly straight forward, there is actually more to it then you may think. Understanding what a full range of motion in your training truly is will help make your training more effective in a multitude of ways. Within this article, I will help you understand the question, what is...

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Top 3 Shoulder Exercises

A well-developed set of shoulders is key to a good physique, they give the x-frame look when working in conjunction with the quads. Not only that, but they help set up the sought after v-taper of the upper body, which starts from the shoulders and works down to the waist. Turning away from the aesthetics side of things, let’s look...

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Rogue Echo 10mm Lifting Belt – An Awesome Belt!

Details: Product – Rogue Echo 10mm Lifting Belt Where to Buy – Rogue Fitness Price – $52.50 (USD) Thickness & Width – (10mm, 4″) Belt Type – Single Prong Buckle Belt Overall Rating – 9/10   Have you been training for some time now and are looking into a lifting belt to benefit your safety and performance? I assume you...

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Progression in Sports Training

Having covered the Fundamentals of Weight Training and Sport Specific training, it is now time to talk about how we progress. I feel this is crucial for development which is why I will be talking about Progression in Sports Training for this article. Listed below are the three things I will be covering within this article: Ways to Progress Guidelines...

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Liquid Grip Review

In this post, I will be doing a Liquid Grip Review, a very popular gym tool! Liquid Grip is a brand of liquid chalk and can be very useful, especially for certain situations. I know at my gym, powdered chalk is frowned upon as it is a commercial one, so Liquid Grip is perfect! I also find it to have...

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What is Progressive Overload Training?

I am sure you’ve heard of the term progressive overload, or in the context of you need to be incorporating progressive overload into your training. However, many of you may not know what it actually means. Today I will be answering the question, what is progressive overload training? Without further a due, let’s find out what progressive overload means.  ...

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How to Sustain a “Diet”

Sustainability, a key component to achieving any goal and knowing how to sustain a “diet” is crucial for any fitness goal you may have. Whether it be weight loss, muscle gain, body recomposition, you name it. If you can’t stick to it you likely won’t be able to achieve your goal. As Stan Efferding always says, “compliance is the science.”...

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Nike Metcon DSX Flyknit 2 Review – A Great Training Shoe!

A training shoe can be quite beneficial for a variety of reasons, which include, increased stability, increased overall performance and I find are usually better made then a standard running shoe. Today I will be doing a Nike Metcon DSX Flyknit 2 review, this is a shoe that I have had for around a year now and overall, I am...

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