Sport Specific Training – Training For Your Sport!

When it comes to fitness, often times people are looking for ways to train for sports that they belong to. I covered the basics of this in one of my previous articles called Fundamentals of Training For Sports. If you haven’t checked that out I suggest you do as it will enhance your learning from this article. Today I will be...

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Training For Goals

In my last article I covered nutrition for goals, as always nutrition is what needs to be taken care of primarily for any goal, no matter the person. In this article, I will be covering training for goals, the next piece of the puzzle to achieving your personal goals! Below is a brief outline of the different goals that will...

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Nutrition For Goals

Hey everyone! In my last nutrition article, I covered the fundamentals of nutrition. Having this basic knowledge is a crucial part of any fitness journey, as nutrition is the most important thing for any goal! In this article, I will be talking all about nutrition for goals. This will help you take the fundamentals of nutrition and apply them in...

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Rogue Wrist Wraps – Quality Wraps!

Product – Rogue Wrist Wraps Purpose – Stabilize The Wrist Features – Strechy Material and Locked In Thumb Loop Specs – See Overview Overall Rating – 9/10 _____________________________________________________________________________________ Wrist wraps can be a great tool for weight training, they work by limiting wrist movement, therefore aiding in wrist stability. I personally have the wrist wraps from Rogue Fitness and find...

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Fundamentals of Weight Training – Starting Your Fitness Journey!

Now that we have a good understanding of the fundamentals of nutrition, it is time to talk about the fundamentals of weight training. The next step in your fitness journey! It is very important for you to learn these fundamentals in order to understand how to start weight training in the proper way. The most important thing in my opinion...

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Fundamentals of Nutrition

Hello everyone, Today we will be talking about the most important aspect of fitness, and this is nutrition. Without it done correctly, no goal can be achieved, fat loss, muscle gain, or both done simultaneously. When it comes to this topic you don’t need a degree in nutritional sciences to get a good understanding of it and apply it to...

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