How To Train The Chest!

Are you wondering how to train the chest? In this article, I will be going over different considerations for chest training so you can choose the best exercises and program them in the best way! Anatomy: When looking to train something in the most effective way, it is a good idea to look at its anatomy. This will help determine...

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Is VShred Legit?

If you are on mainstream social media outlets and have some interest or desire for fitness and health, chances are you have come across a VShred advertisement. That is why for this article I will be answering your question, is VShred legit? Is He? I won’t waste your time. VShred is an absolute clown in the fitness industry. You may...

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Benefits of Leg Curls!

Today I will be discussing the benefits of leg curls! Leg curls are any hamstring exercise that concentrically moves the weight through knee flexion. An example of this would be the seated or lying hamstring curl. Contraction: Your hamstrings attach both near the top of your thigh and at the back of the knee. During hip hinge/deadlift type exercises, your...

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Intermittent Fasting For Losing Weight!

This article will be discussing intermittent fasting for losing weight! Many people seem to believe intermittent fasting is this crazy magical tool. Can it work? Sure! Is it magic or better than eating throughout the day? No. Of course, we need to have constants in place when comparing intermittent fasting to standard eating. These constants are calories and protein intake....

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What Macros For Muscle Growth? – Explained!

What macros for muscle growth? This is a very common question for those who are new to weight training and are looking to increase their muscle mass. Smartly of them, they are wondering what their nutrition should look like. As important as training is for muscle growth, having your nutrition on point can and will make a world of a...

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Allmax Isoflex Review!

Are you looking for an Allmax Isoflex Review? You have come to the right place! Within this review, I will be including a rating on quality, taste/mixability and the overall “value” of the product. Allow me to start with a little overview! Product Overview: Allmax Isoflex is the highest quality protein powder that Allmax produces. It is one of the...

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