Practical Uses Of Energy Bars!

Today, I will be going over some of the best uses for energy/protein bars! This is a very common nutritional product, and there are many awesome and practical ways in which we can use them!

Here is what will be discussed:

  1. Pre-Training
  2. In a pinch
  3. Finish it off


One of my favourite things to eat prior to training is the standard Cliff energy bar. I find they have a great macronutrient profile to provide energy, some protein and just a little bit of fat.

They work great for me since they are convenient, quick and easy to eat and supply ample energy. This comes from them being in a small package while being quite calorically dense. The calorie density is great for those with the goal of muscle growth since it helps hit the calorie surplus!

If you don’t want to spend a ton of calories for something like an energy bar, try to get in a whole pre-training meal when possible.

You will need to look at the macronutrients of whatever bar/brand you are interested in, but I tend to eat the Cliff bar around 45 minutes prior to training! This helps it get digested and ready for use during the actual training session!

In a Pinch:

We all get busy, and sometimes we don’t plan our meals out for the day. Energy/protein bars come in handy during these instances. A Cliff bar is a great way to get in a fair amount of calories to help make a dent in what would otherwise be no meal. What is especially important for this situation if your goal is muscle growth, is trying to get in at least 20 grams of protein.

If your goal is muscle growth, maybe 2 Cliff bars would make sense. I have been known to do this, haha. Or, just one higher protein bar like the Cliff Builder Bar.

If this energy density isn’t conducive to your goals, there are many protein bar options on the market, that are high in protein with minimal calories.

Finish It Off:

Maybe you’re at the end of the day and you have some more to eat for your calorie surplus, or you’re not quite at your protein goal. Some sort of energy/protein bar would be great!

Whether its a Cliff Bar or something similar to help hit calories and protein, or a higher protein, lower calorie bar if you’re trying to hit your protein intake while not consuming a ton of calories.

Here Are Some Great Options For Different Goals:

Muscle Growth:

Cliff Bar (Energy-dense, fair amount of protein)

Cliff Builder Bar (Higher protein, still energy-dense)

Fat Loss:

Orgain Bar (Low calorie with decent protein)

Detour Bar (Great for energy and protein, without a ton of calories)

The End:

Well, everyone, those are some great practical uses for energy/protein bars and some of my suggestions for different purposes and goals! Got questions? Drop em in the comments! Thanks for reading and stay safe!


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