Pros and Cons of HIIT Training – It Depends!

I am sure any avid gym goer or just someone who is interested in fitness has heard of HIIT training. There is actually a fair bit of controversy on this style of training. With that in mind, I will be focusing on the pros and cons of HIIT training within this article!

There are a few points that would fall into each category, so without further ado, let’s talk about the pros of HIIT training first!

The Pros of HIIT Training:

One of the major benefits that comes with the HIIT training style is its incredible conditioning effect. I like to think of conditioning as something that works on your cardiovascular system while adding some sort of strength training component into it, or is at least an intense style of training. This rather than a long distance jog for general endurance. Seeing as HIIT training is done with short bursts of high-intensity effort, or even done under load (my favourite) with things like kettlebells, I believe it does a great job of developing one’s conditioning, assuming adequate effort.

The second benefit of HIIT training is the time-saving component. You can get a lot more done in the same amount of time doing HIIT training than you can doing something like LISS (low-intensity steady state cardio). It gives a large bang for your buck because of how intense the exercise is by quickly getting your heart rate up through the high effort training.

The third benefit ties into what we have talked about thus far, it is much more fun than traditional cardio! Don’t get me wrong, it is difficult, however, it is a constant challenge that always keeps you moving, and you are oftentimes doing the exercise with friends or in a group training setting. This keeps things challenging, uplifting and rewarding!

The Cons of HIIT Training:

The cons of HIIT training will mostly be a result of the pros. Let’s take the high intensity and great conditioning effect of HIIT training, the downside of this is it is much harder on your joints than traditional steady state cardio. So for people just getting into lifting, or especially the elderly population, it is something you will want to ease into, or potentially avoid as a whole.

The second con of HIIT training is the greater risk for injury. With the high impact on joints and intensity of this form of exercise, there is a lot of stress being placed on your body. It is also more conducive to form break down with the set-up of performing the exercises within a certain time. With that being said, if you can perform HIIT training with proper form throughout the duration of each training session, and don’t mind/can handle the high impact on your joints, you should not have a problem with HIIT training!

The last con of HIIT training comes with the difficulty side of things. Although it is challenging and would generally be more enjoyable for this reason, others may be intimated by this challenge and get turned off from exercise. This is less a reflection on the actual training itself, and more a reflection of an individual’s determination, discipline and overall motivation. It is, however, something to keep in mind!

So What’s The Scoop on HIIT Training?

As outlined in this article, there are numerous things to consider when deciding if HIIT training is something you want to incorporate into your training routine. In general, if you are a healthy and physically fit individual who can perform the training with proper form consistently and can take the joint impact, this training style is likely a good fit for you! Especially if you are short on time! If you are a beginner or elderly person who has minimal training experience and will not handle the high impact very well, I would suggest working on a solution for this, or just staying clear of HIIT training entirely. This is especially true if you are not fully committed to training and health as a whole, which in that case, you should reevaluate your perspective and potentially work on your discipline!

I thank you for taking the time to read this article! I am glad I was able to provide you with some information on HIIT training to give you some guidance as to whether you should take this style of training up or not! Good luck with your training, whatever you do! As always, if you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to leave them below and I will be sure to reply!


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