Realistic Expectations For Rate of Weight Loss!

Anyone embarking on a weight/fat loss journey is likely eager to drop some pounds. This eagerness is good, it means you’re excited about what’s to come. However, too much of this can lead to unrealistic/less than optimal ideas of how fast you want to lose weight.

If this rate of weight loss isn’t achieved, it can cause people to get down on themselves. Within this article, I will be discussing different rates of weight loss and why they make sense for different circumstances, so you can get an idea of a good rate of weight loss for yourself, and go into your journey with realistic goals that will set you up for success!

Percentage of Bodyweight:

Bodyweights vary, so throwing out a generic number like 2.5 pounds lost per week isn’t applicable. A 175-pound individual probably wouldn’t want to lose this much weight per week, while for a 450-pound individual, this rate might be perfect!

For most individuals, a rate of weight loss between 0.5 and 1 percent per week will be good for maximizing fat loss, while maintaining as much muscle mass as possible.

This rate of fat loss will also mean that you aren’t cutting your calories so severely that you are subjecting yourself to an unsustainable diet. You want to ensure that the amount and types of foods you are eating are good for keeping you full, providing adequate protein, and aren’t so restrictive that you eventually binge, which can cause individuals to get down on themselves.

So if you are a 200-pound individual, between 1 and 2 pounds of weight loss per week is likely a good rate. If you are a 350-pound individual, then 1.75 to 3.5 pounds of weight lost per week is likely a good rate.

With that being said, those with higher body fat percentages (maybe above 25% or so), can likely stand to lose weight at a slightly faster rate, maybe between 1 and 2 percent per week. This at least at the beginning.

In both scenarios, as the individuals begin to lean down, it is likely a good idea to lower the rate of weight loss as the individual becomes leaner.

Account For This:

If you are used to eating high sugar, high sodium foods, switching to a more quality diet could result in far less water weight. This would mean that off the bat, your bodyweight may go down a bit more. Someone might lose 4 pounds their first week, where 2 of those were from fat and the other 2 from water. This is something to take into account so if the next week you only lose 2 pounds, you don’t get discouraged!

The End:

As you can tell, you can forget the 10 pounds dropped in the first week, if you want quality and long-lasting results.

0.5 to 1 percent of bodyweight reduction per week is a good amount for most people. The higher the body fat percentage, the more you can afford to drop per week at the start, while still maintaining your muscle mass well. Just the same, the leaner you get, the slower your rate of weight loss should likely be, to help maintain muscle mass as best as possible!

Thank you for reading everybody and if you have any questions or comments, please do leave them in the comment section below! Have a good one!


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