Reebok Legacy Lifters Review

Product Overview:

Product Name – Reebok Legacy Lifters Review

Where to Buy –

Price – $200 (USD)

Heal Thickness – 3/4 Inches

Material – Perforated synthetic leather upper with breathable mesh, grip rubber, TPU

Overall Rating – 9/10








Product Overview:

A good lifting shoe is a highly beneficial piece of gym gear, is it required? No. Especially for beginners, however, having a designated lifting shoe is still beneficial for a variety of reasons. I personally have a pair which will be reviewed within this article, the Reebok Legacy Lifters.

Some benefits of a lifting shoe include an elevated heel (for the feel of more ankle mobility and a better lifting position) and more stability (a more stable platform to lift from). These things help to increase your overall performance.

Within this review of the Legacy Lifters, I will be including a durability rating, performance rating, appearance rating and my closing opinion. You will find the information you need to learn about these shoes to see if they are right for what you need! Let’s talk a little more about the Reebok Legacy Lifters!

Durability Rating:

When considering purchasing any product, we, of course, want one that will last! Otherwise, our hard-earned money will have been spent on a junk product, which will likely need to be re-purchased in one way or another. For this reason, I always include the durability rating of a product as the first section of my reviews.

The Reebok Legacy Lifters are constructed of a perforated leather near the toe box, and a mesh material for the heel portion of the shoe, with synthetic leather for other parts of the upper. The material for the heel on the bottom portion of the shoe is made of a hard plastic TPU material, with the mid to front portion made from a grippy rubber.

All in all, these shoes are made from quality, sturdy material with the leather holding up nicely, no damage to the mesh component as well as the TPU and rubber portion showing no signs of wear and tear. These are all areas of the shoe that are large portions of the shoe, therefore we expect them to hold up. However, what about the smaller, more finicky areas, how are they for durability?

These areas would include the velcros, laces and seams between the large parts of the shoe. The velcro is folded between metal fasteners, showing no signs of break down, with the actual velcro itself holding up very nicely with no signs of giving out. The laces are woven between the synthetic leather, still holding up perfectly fine, with some minor fraying on the laces due to the velcro. Lastly, the seams of the large portions of the shoe and are holding up very well, they are completely secure with no signs of separation.

All in all, this shoe is constructed with quality material, with a solid build quality! It is showing very little signs of wear/damage, with the biggest ones being the slightly frayed laces and scuff marks. There are a couple areas of the shoe that do look like they could be slightly weak, however, overall, I am giving this shoe a 9/10 for the durability rating.


The reason any of us will be purchasing a product is because it fulfills a certain role or task we need/want, which is why we need to know if this product is going to serve us well or not.

Before being able to assess this, we need to understand what exactly this role is. With a weightlifting shoe, we are looking for a sturdy base to lift from, with high energy return and to keep ourselves planted. We also want a secure foot to add to this stability. In addition to that, we want the shoe to have a contouring fit with sufficient comfort so we can perform optimally in them. Of course, we are looking for the elevated heel for better ankle mobility and optimal lifting position.

Now that we know the role of the shoe, we can asses whether or not it fulfills this effectively. With the Legacy Lifters being quite a heavy shoe at over 20 ounces, they definitely keep you planted and give you a sturdy base to lift from. This paired with the flat bottom and sturdy sides make for an extremely stable platform.

As far as having a contouring fit for comfort and one relative to you goes, this shoe is awesome! With a very contouring heel cup, flexible yet supportive ankle section, two velcro straps and a wide toe box, this shoe will fit well and be comfortable for most people; providing you select the right size. The heel cup allows your heel to sit quite comfortably, while the ankle section isn’t too rigid yet still supportive. The two velcro straps allow you to “hunker” the shoe down into a snug fit, also securing it laterally, this then leads into the toe box which has plenty of room; which is a pro for most people.

All in all, this shoe performs amazingly! With its awesome structure and abundance of features, it’s no wonder it has a great performance! I would give this shoe an overall rating of 9/10, with the only area for improvement in my mind being a more flexible toe.


Onto our last section of this review, the appearance! If you’re going to spend your money on a product, you might as well look good while you use it! This shoe is available in four different colours on Reeboks’ website, all looking quite nice! My personal favourite is the colour I have, which is the black and white. You can find a black and gold, which I believe would be my favourite overall colourway as it looks like it pops extremely well!

These shoes have a diagonal colour pattern, with the white being diagonal from each other and the same for the black. There is one black and one white velcro strap, with black laces. This is all tied in together with a silver Reebok logo on the side (all this is for the colourway I have). This shoe has a very symmetrical appearance, looks clean and has a solid design!

All in all, although this shoe does look quite nice, I feel like Reebok could have made more of an effort in respect to the appearance to add more of a “wow” factor. With this in mind, I give this shoe an overall appearance rating of 8/10.

Closing Opinion:

Within this article, you have learned the overall specs of the Reebok Legacy Lifters, with some good detail on the durability, performance and appearance. I look forward to this information being able to help you with your decision on this shoe!

To conclude, I feel like this shoe is great for powerlifters, as well as weightlifters who don’t have trouble moving their feet around. The weight can be a real advantage, with the stability, contouring fit and comfort to go along with it. So if you’re looking for a stable, comfortable and contouring fit shoe with a solid look, I would highly recommend the Reebok Legacy Lifters!

If you wish to do so, you can purchase the shoe at the links below! Purchasing through these links helps support me and this website by earning me a commission at NO extra charge to you.

Buy from Rogue

Buy from Amazon

I thank you for taking the time to read this article! As always, if you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to leave them below and I will be sure to reply!


Until Next Time,

Kohl Johnson

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  1. Nothing would be better than having a nice  Reebok legacy lifter shoe while going to the gym. I enjoyed your review on this product. It s flexibility and durability is top notch. I have been planning to change my gyming shoe to a better one and I think Reebok legacy will be my better choice. Thanks for sharing this article. I am making an order tomorrow. Great job!

    • Hi Brent, glad you liked the article! The durability is defintley there, and while a slightly more flexible toe would be nice, it isn’t too bad and likely helps with stability. It may even become a bit more flexible over time. Thanks for reading!

  2. Hi kohl. Thanks to you for writing this great review about Reebok Legacy Lifters. I’m a gym person and I workout 4 – 5 times in a week. Honestly, you just made me love this piece and I’m definitely going for it. I’m going to check out other posts maybe I can find good and quality stuffs. Thanks for sharing mate 

    • Hi Alex, no problem! Sounds like you are pretty committed! I am glad you enjoyed the article, have a great day! 

  3. Greetings Kohl,

    I have to confess that usually at the gym i do not put any emphasis on the specific pair of 

    shoes i take. Though I like feeling the comfort of the shoe in my feet.

    However, since I am to consider lifting heavier heights going forward, this very proves very helpful

    in choosing an adequate and comfortable set of shoes for this activity.

    I appreciate your sharing of this item.

    • Hi there!

      Having a dedicated pair of lifting shoes certainly is not required. However, they can also be very beneficial! This shoe would be great for squat training and can be worn for your other sessions as well. The only thing these shoes aren’t meant for are deadlift exercises, however, you could still use them for that, it just wouldn’t be as optimal.

      Take care!

      ~ Kj

  4. I am looking to join a gym this year. It’s summer in Australia, so really important that I have shoes that are breathable.

    Overall, how would you rate the breathability of the legacy lifters? I’m new to this sort of thing, so any tips would be appreciated.

    Thank you nontheless for the really helpful article. I will be sure to send my friends here.


    • Hey Ted, that makes total sense!

      The material of these shoes themselves is not very breathable as it is meant to be strong for the supportive aspect of the shoe. However, there are perforations that would help with breathability in the toe area of the shoe.  Also, the back portion of the shoe does have more of a cotton-like material, so that would be somewhat breathable.

      I hope that helps and feel free to ask any other questions you may have!

      ~ Kj

  5. A very comprehensive review of a company that has been one of my favourites for many years. My all-time favourite shoe was a pair of white reeboks I had many years ago and it took many years of wear and tear to wear them out. I work out every day but I would probably just be at home in a pair of trainers, which is not to say I’m not interested. I look forward to a future review of yours on a more versatile pair of reeboks. Cheers Paul

    • Hey Paul, Reebok certainly is a great brand! It makes sense that you would be looking for a more general training shoe, that is still specifically meant for training as a whole. 

      I created a review on a pair of Nike shoes that fits that exact criteria and are great! If you would like, you can check that out by clicking here.

      If you are looking to stay with Reebok, they make a shoe called the Nano that is supposed to be great for all-purpose training. I have not tried them out, but you can view their most recent version, (the Nano 9) on their website by clicking here.

      Thanks, Paul!

      ~ Kj

  6. Hi Kohl
    There will be nothing better than having a nice heirloom lifter shoe while going to the gym. I am a gym person and I workout 6-7 times a week. I planned to change my gym shoes and I think the Reebok legacy would be my better choice. I’m going to get my foot in the Reebok legacy soon. Thanks for sharing this great review with us.

  7. I have been planning to change my gyming shoes to a better one and for along time and I have been make searches for something good and at a nice price and i think Reebok legacy will be a  better choice than the one I have already seen and wanted to buy.i really enjoyed your review on this shoes I think they are the best.thanks alot

    • Hi David, these shoes certainly are beneficial!

      Let me know how you like them if you do purchase them!

      Have a great day!

      ~ Kj

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