Rehband 5mm Knee Sleeves – Review


Product – Rehband 5mm Knee Sleeves

Where to Buy – Rogue Fitness

Price – $39.99/1 Sleeve (USD)

Thickness – 5mm

Material – 5mm Thick SBR/Neoprene Blend

Overall Rating – 9/10



Within this article, I will be reviewing the Rehband Knee Sleeves. Knee sleeves are a great piece of gear to have for a variety of reasons! As always within these articles, I will be providing a product overview as well as a durability, performance and appearance rating with my closing remarks at the end. Let’s get an idea of what this product is all about!


Knee sleeves are a product that is meant to slide over your knees with the goal of accomplishing a few things. This includes keeping your knee joint warm as well as providing a little extra support. They can be made from thin material or thicker material, both with different benefits. The Rehband Knee Sleeves come in 5mm thickness or 7mm thickness with a wide range of colours to choose from. They also have sizes ranging from extra small (31-33 cm) to extra large (40-43 cm) so you can find the size that fits your preference! With a general look at the product out of the way, let’s talk about the durability of the product!

Durability Rating:

With any product, we want our money going to something that will last, which is why durability is always the first thing on our reviews.

This product has a cushioned feel with a little bit of give, but not a crazy amount. It has stitching on the top, bottom and sides, with the side stitching going towards the middle. When stretching the material, it has some give while still having a supportive feel, without being super constricting. It is the perfect combination of cushion without being too firm, and stretch without being too flimsy.

I have had these knee sleeves for close to a year and a half now, being used quite frequently and I have not experienced ANY signs of wear on them. With most things I purchase they hold up quite nicely, however, there is usually at least a few loose threads. I can honestly say there are no signs of this with these knee sleeves, which is awesome!

With the comfortable, durable and functional material in mind, as well as the awesome construction quality of the product, I give these knee sleeves a 10/10 on durability! Onto the next aspect of a product, performance!

Performance Rating:

Whenever we are looking at purchasing a product, it is crucial that it gives us value. Before I am able to asses whether these knee sleeves add value, we need to understand what their job entails. With a knee sleeve, we are looking for something that fits snugly over our knee to keep our knee joint warm, with the thickness to give us some sense of support. Also, having something that is comfortable is also crucial as often times they are being worn for entire workouts.

When it comes to its main priority of fitting snugly, these knee sleeves do quite well. You do have to work a bit to get them on, which is a good sign, however, I would like to see them a bit tighter fitting. It would make sense to say just size down, however, I had the size down before and they were too tight. While these do fit snug, I would like to see them a little tighter.

It is important to have this quality in a knee sleeve so it is able to keep our knee warm (these are snug enough to do that perfectly) but to also give us some added support (this is the area where these sleeves could benefit from a little added tightness). Although support is not the main job of a knee sleeve, it doesn’t hurt, and that is where I feel this product could improve upon.

The thickness in the product and the support we desire is all relative to us. You may want something super thin just for warmth and not support (3mm), or something in between warmth and support (5mm) all the way to something that covers the warmth aspect with a fair bit of support (7mm). I chose the 5mm sleeves because I was looking for the warmth of the knee sleeve but also the support. I figured the 3mm would be too flimsy, while the 7mm would be rather bulky. I find that the 5mm knee sleeves strike the perfect balance.

Onto the last aspect of performance, we have comfort. When wearing knee sleeves it isn’t uncommon to be wearing them for entire workouts, which is why comfort is crucial! With the cushion like feel of the material and moderate amount of stretch, these knee sleeves contour to your leg and knee quite nicely. With the great comfort in mind, it is understandable how they would lack in support a little bit. I feel like these knee sleeves strike the right balance between comfort and support, therefore, it is worth it!

With all of these points in mind, from the moderate tightness with room for improvement on support, to the balance between bulkiness and support, to the overall comfort, I give these sleeves a 9/10 on performance! While there is room for improvement with support, that’s not the main job of a knee sleeve, and the great comfort picks up the slack!

Appearance Rating:

If you’re going to purchase a product, you may as well have one that looks flashy. While it can often times be difficult to find fitness gear that looks good, I would say the Rehband Knee Sleeves are the exception. They come in a wide variety of colours to suit your liking, with a nice wavy design that is eye-catching without being too overpowering.

If you want a nice looking yet not overpowering style knee sleeve, I would highly suggest these modern looking ones! I give these knee sleeves a 9.5 on durability. Why the .5 deduction?… they aren’t perfect, but they’re pretty close!

Concluding Remarks:

All in all, these knee sleeves set the bar pretty high! From the quality material, to the solid performance with a little room for improvement, all the way to the modern look and eye-catching design, these knee sleeves are just about the total package!

If your someone who moves around a fair bit during their workouts and isn’t looking for extra bulk, while still getting the benefits of a knee sleeve, I would highly recommend the Rehband Knee Sleeves! All this while walking around in something that is sure to catch peoples eyes!

If you wish to purchase these knee sleeves, you can follow the links provided below! Purchasing through these links helps support me and this website by earning me a commission at NO extra charge to you.

Buy From Rogue

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  1. Wow the Rehband 5mm Knee Sleeves looks like a really solid product for those athletes needing knee support. I appreciate how you spelled it all out very clearly at the get go. They really provide a range of sizes and thickness. I agree that these knee sleeves has exceptional looks to go along with durability and performance. Thanks for your recommendation and I will definitely be saving your Rogue and Amazon links to share with some friends, well done!

  2. Hi! I liked the Rehband Knee Sleeves. Somebody at the gym recommended me Tommy Kono Knee bands. And I started to research about them and found they had pros and cons. So I continued researching and found your site. I think I have made my mind to buy Rehband Knee Sleeves instead. Thank you very much!

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