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Product – Rogue Echo 10mm Lifting Belt

Where to BuyRogue

Price – $52.50 (USD)

Thickness & Width – (10mm, 4″)

Belt Type – Single Prong Buckle Belt

Overall Rating – 8.5/10

The lifting belt, a very popular and commonly used gym tool that can be very beneficial. Although you certainly don’t need one when starting out, as you become more experienced, a belt may be a beneficial option for you! In this article, I will be reviewing my personal lifting belt, one that I have had for around 6 months now, and personally love! Like all my reviews, I will be including a durability rating, performance rating, appearance rating and an overall opinion on the product! Enjoy, and let’s get into the article!

Rogue Belt



This lifting belt is made from genuine leather, it is 10mm thick and 4 inches wide, and uses a single prong buckle to “lock it in”. This belt also features 10 evenly spaced holes so you can adjust it to your body as needed, or as the belt breaks in. It comes in one colour which is black with white Rogue lettering, and a large selection of 5 sizes ranging from small to double extra large. As you can see this belt is a well-made, versatile and a clean looking one. The Rogue Echo Line is a more “budget” option for Rogue products, however, with my Echo belt, I would say it is still a quality product. Let’s see why I think this in the durability section below.

Rogue Belt


As with any product, durability is the most important thing. There is no sense in you spending your personal money on a product that isn’t going to last for you. That is one of the best things about the Rogue brand, they are very well-known for their quality products and awesome customer service.

As we know, this belt is made from genuine leather, a quality, tough and durable material. The buckle on the end of the belt is very secure with six sturdy fasteners and the actual buckle itself being supported by the rigid leather of the belt. The leather loop that tucks into the belt would be an assumed weak spot. Although it does have and needs room to move and flex, I can feel it is also secure, with what I would think is stitching, although I cannot see to be 100% sure. There is double stitching running throughout the whole belt on both sides making it so you have a very sturdy construction that’ll last. The Rogue lettering is very securely sewn into the belt, making for a quality placement of the logo. Lastly, the 10 holes for adjustment are all evenly spaced and still holding up great. This despite it not being a complete and solid material because of the holes.

Let’s take these characteristics and see how I have noticed the belt hold up/function in my personal experience. Starting with the leather, the belt was quite stiff when I first received it, however, I have noticed it start to loosen up and have the ability for a more “contouring fit”. There is still more loosening that needs to happen though as it is still relatively stiff. I haven’t noticed the buckle become loose or flimsy since I have had this belt, it is still functioning exactly how it should. I have noticed some chipping with the paint on the belt buckle though, which is likely a sign of normal wear and tear, something to keep in mind though. The leather loop has held its own with no signs of breakdown or reduced functionality. I have not noticed any fraying/separation of the belt with the stitched material, it is still holding up very nicely. The logo is just like when I first got it, it still pops and is quite secure. What was originally an area of concern for me, the holes for adjustment, to my delight they have held up very nicely. Considering the prong is constantly being put through the hole and pushing on the edging, I figured I may experience breakdown with the holes. However, they are still holding up perfectly and I have not noticed any signs of breakdown/damage that impede the function/appearance of the holes or the belt as a whole.Rogue Belt

As you can probably tell by now, this belt is top-notch with durability. From the quality material to the great construction, it is still holding up and performing perfectly. Because of this, I give this belt a 9.5 out of 10 on durability. The only reason it did not receive a perfect score was due to the bit of chipping on the buckle, and how the belt was very stiff when I first got it because of the tough, rigid, but quality leather material.


Now onto the main reason why you would likely purchase this product, its performance. In order to access the performance of this belt, we first need to know what its purpose is so we can see if it does its job. With a lifting belt, we are looking for a sturdy product that provides ample support to our midsection and lower back. This increases intra-abdominal abdominal pressure which allows us to both perform better on an exercise but also help with stability, reducing the risk of injury. It should do this with versatility and comfort.

This belt does its main job very well. With its quality material and stiffness, as well as the wholes for adjustment, you can breathe and brace against a sturdy platform, and adjust it to fit how you like. Seeing as this belt is quite stiff, especially within the beginning stages of use, it can be tough to get the right fit and comfort. In regards to its versatility, we know it can be adjusted. However, because it is 10 and not 13mm thick, as well as it being 4 inches wide, it can be placed more preferentially to where the lifter wants. The belt and the material itself is quite comfortable, it also helps to be able to place it where you prefer. However, because it is stiff, it can make it tough to get the fit/feel you want. I feel although the comfort is there, there is definitely room for improvement.

Overall this belt does its job quite well, it is rigid enough to provide a stable surface to brace against, and is a good size to be put where you prefer. I will give this belt an 8/10 on performance. It did not receive a higher grade because its quite stiff when you first get it and is still stiff now which makes it tough to get the fit you prefer, and in turn, impedes comfort.

Rogue Belt


Although not the most important thing to consider when purchasing a product, it does matter. If you’re going to spend your money, why not purchase a product that you like the looks of and want to show off?

Seeing as this is a belt, these aren’t typically the products you see a lot of creativity and design with. I would assume it would be tough to do so, especially with the leather. Because this product is only black with the white Rogue lettering, it isn’t the most creative or outstanding design, but it does look sleek and the lettering pops. It would be nice to see a little more ability for customization though. Different colour lettering to choose from would’ve been nice, but seeing as this is the Echo belt I’m not complaining. Other than that, the belt looks fine.

Overall this belt looks nice and doesn’t have any appearance drawbacks. I am giving it an 8.5 out of 10 on appearance. I would’ve liked to have seen some more creativity or coloured lettering options. But like I said, for an echo belt it is solid.

Rogue Belt

Closing Opinion:

You now have some insight into what the Rogue Echo 10mm Lifting belt is all about. You know it has a durable material, with great construction, however, it is quite stiff. It performs awesome but the stiffness also gets in the way a bit. As for the appearance, there is definitely room for improvement but it is solid for the echo line. I would give this belt an overall rating of 8.5/10 and would definitely suggest this as a great buy if it fits your needs.

Well, how do you know if it fits your needs? I would class this as an awesome belt for someone not looking to drop $100+ while still having one that performs well. If you don’t mind the stiffness that shouldn’t be too much of an issue, it should loosen after you have had it for a while. I am thinking that’s what will happen with mine. If you are interested in this belt, you can get it here from Rogue:

Buy from Rogue

Rogue Belt

I thank you for taking the time to read this article, I wish you luck in your fitness journey! If a belt is something that can benefit you, I hope the Rogue one will fit your needs! As always, if you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to leave them below and I will be sure to reply!



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6 Responses

  1. Thank you for providing an in-depth description of why these belts are made the way that they are. I can easily see that the ones that I have seen previously were not of the quality that this Rogue model apparently is. With that in mind, I did have a question regarding the materials and usage of these belts.

    Are they specifically for workouts only, or would this be beneficial for someone who does heavy lifting on the job. For example construction workers, baggage handlers and the like. I ask as again, the material this is made from looks like it would be a good gift idea for a friend of mine who does HVAC and sometimes wears a similar belt for back support.

    What do you think?

    • No problem! Yes, this belt does have great quality! I really don’t know much about the possible uses of this belt outside of lifting weights. I would think you could get a belt more specifically designed for those sort of things, I also feel like the bulkiness would get in the way.

  2. Hi Kohl,

    Great article on this lifting belt!  Sounds like a winner for any weight lifters looking for a quality belt that will serve them well.  It can be difficult to walk that line between not spending too much but making sure to buy a belt that is well made and able to survive many workout sessions.  The Rogue Echo seems like it fits the best of both worlds in that regard.  


    • Hi Connor, thanks! Yes, there is definitely a fine line. That is one of the things I love about the Rogue brand, all their products are quality; however, they still have products that are cheaper in price. These products may not have all the bells and whistles, but are still great!

  3. Hi Kohl, hey this was a good in depth description of a lifting weight belt, this item seemed to me as a solid good buy. the information was presented in order and it easy to understand. I think that having a good knowledge in what you are buying is very important, I appreciate that you took time to put this information together bro, I hope to see more gym tips in the future, thanks.

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