Rogue Fitness Resistance Bands – Review


Product – Rogue Fitness Resistance Bands

Where to BuyRogue

Price – $23.00 – $82.00 (USD)

Resistance Level – 15-200 pounds

Material – Natural Latex Rubber

Overall Rating – 8/10

Green Band

Product Overview:

Resistance bands are a stretchy band that are extremely versatile in regards to their use in training. From mobility to direct training use, they definitely have their place. I personally have Rogue Resistance Bands in an orange and red pair along with a single green band. The resistance of these bands is 15, 30 and 65 pounds respectively, these were chosen for my personal needs. Within this article, I will give you the information you need to decide if these bands are right for you.

I will be starting with a durability rating, then a performance overview, followed by an appearance rating with the article ending on my closing opinion. Let’s talk about the durability of these bands!

Rogue Bands

Durability Rating:

When looking at any product, I strongly believe that durability should be at the forefront. I want to know that my money is being put into a product that was made with the customer in mind. That is one of the things I appreciate the most from Rogue.

With resistance bands, you want one that will not wear quickly as it will lead to a quicker breakdown and increase the chance of ripping. Which for obvious reasons would not be good. While we do want a durable band, having one that is too stiff is also not a good thing as it will impede its function at first, and possibly long term.

With this in mind, I can say I have had these bands for close to six months now and have not noticed any signs of wear or a breakdown in their structure. Six months is not a huge amount of time, however, I have used them a decent amount and considering there are zero signs of breakdown, it is looking good! When I first received them they weren’t too stiff, they were capable of being used for what I needed. They currently have loosened out a bit, however, not in a way where it negatively affects them. It has actually made them even more usable.

All in all, these bands have held up perfectly thus far and have shown no signs of breakdown. Because of this, I am giving them a 10/10 on durability as I expect them to continue to hold up like this.

Rogue Bands

Performance Rating:

Onto what you would consider purchasing this product for, its performance! After all, there is no sense in purchasing a product that isn’t going to benefit you.

Before assessing the performance of any product, we first need to know what the actual purpose of it is. With a resistance band, we are looking for a couple of things. This is being able to apply resistance to work on things like mobility, as well as apply progressive resistance to our lifts as that has various benefits. We are also looking for a band that is made with sturdy quality and fits our needs.

These bands are simple to loop around objects which makes it easy to work on mobility and apply resistance to barbells and such. The bands have a good level of resistance to fit various jobs they may need to fulfill. They are also built well enough that they do not feel flimsy, they are sturdy in the sense of how they feel when tension is being applied and they perform their job perfectly well overall.

All in all, these bands fulfill their job, although basic they still do it quite well. I give these bands a 10/10 on performance as they are versatile, feel solid and I haven’t any problems with them thus far.

Personal Rogue Band Set

Appearance Rating:

Consider this the “icing on the cake” section, although not the most important, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a nice looking product.

These bands have multiple colours, mainly to symbolize the different resistances they have. However, the colours are nice and do stand out. All the bands come with the Rogue logo (which is always nice to have) and some nice looking design patterns. There isn’t much else to say about these bands for appearance, they look quite nice!

Credit: Rogue Fitness

Overall, I would say these bands get an 8/10 of appearance. Although they look nice and there is nothing wrong with them, I have seen nicer looking ones before.

Concluding Remarks:

Overall, the Rogue Fitness Resistance Bands are high quality and perform their job quite well, all while having a good looking appearance. They are on the pricier side, but that is to be expected with a quality product like Rogue. If you’re looking for a piece of gym gear to help step up your game, help work on mobility and give you another training tool, I highly suggest purchasing these bands! You can purchase them at the link below:

Buy from Rogue

I thank you for taking the time to read this article and hope these bands can be a beneficial addition to your training gear! As always, if you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to leave them below and I will be sure to reply!


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  1. Thanks Kohl

    I have been looking for bands like these.

    I have a lot of problems with hamstrings and lower back flexibility and when I go to the gym, they have these stretch bands with handles. I use them to work my legs and thighs and I want something i can use at home in between the gym sessions.

    The loops help because when I am on my back pulling my legs up, the band can be hooked over my foot and pull on the hamstrings and hips.

    I am not quite sure what strength to get but i think Ill go for red 30lb ones to start, to see how I get on. 

    they can be a bit on the heavy side better than too light.

    Thanks for the article.

    • Hi there, I find the ones with handles aren’t as versatile as these ones, so I think these would be great for using at home! If I am understanding what you’re wanting to use them for correctly, I think the red ones would work. Possibly consider getting a green one as well for convenience, it also tends to be better for direct hip work I find.

      You can find them through the Rogue link at the end of my article, simply click it, search resistance bands and they will pop right up!

  2. Hello Kohl, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I was looking for these bands as I want one for me and one for my friend. His birthday is next week so I think the green one will be a perfect fit for him. I like they are not so expensive yet affordable.

    • Hi there, I am super happy this article has been able to help you! I think these bands would be a great gift! They are defintley affordable, and the benefits are great!

  3. I’m really pleased to say it was an interesting post to read.
    I learned new information from your article, you do a great job.

    King regards,
    Thompson Schneider

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