Simple Adjustments For Fat Loss Success!

Lots of people like to complicate the process of losing fat. In reality, it is a very simple process. On a fundamental level, it comes
down to being in a calorie deficit. Of course, consuming adequate protein, micronutrients and keeping full is helpful.

Sometimes the task can seem daunting, but with these simples adjustments that I am about to discuss, I believe the process can be made relatively friction-free.

High Protein & Low Calorie Foods:

We know that protein is crucial to retaining and growing muscle mass, and this is especially true when in a calorie deficit. Protein has many other benefits such as helping to keep you full and having a high thermic effect of food (the calories your body burns just to process and use the nutrients you take in).

How do we best combine hitting our daily protein goal while maintaining a calorie deficit? The answer is quite simple. Eat foods that are packed with protein, but have minimal of the other nutrients. This will allow you to get in a ton of protein for little calorie cost. This in turn helps us reach our daily protein goals in a way that is conducive to a calorie deficit.

An example would be a type of fish that I just ate for dinner, Basa. Not a crazy amount of protein at 22 grams for 5 ounces, but that is still a decent amount and 5 ounces of that fish only has 90 calories.

I am not saying that you can’t consume protein sources that have a greater presence of other nutrients. Steak is higher in calories since it has more fat, but steak is also a great protein source that is packed with micronutrients.

Bottom line, high protein foods with minimal calories are very conducive to fat loss, but that’s not to say that you need to exclusively eat those types of foods.

Water – Water – Water:

I am doing a challenge called “75 Hard” which is basically something that requires me to complete specific tasks, every day, without compromise, for 75 days. One of these tasks includes consuming a gallon of water every day.

What I personally found and what is the experience of many others, is that with more water consumption comes less of a desire to eat a ton of food. More specifically, I found that I’d rather drink water with my meals instead of higher-calorie beverages.

For those with the goal of fat loss, this can be an awesome way to help feel full and eliminate some easy sources of calorie intake that might be adding a lot of calories to your daily total, and they may be calories that can be put to use in a better way.

Low Hanging Fruit:

You know that hand full of chocolate chips? Or that tasty drink from Starbucks? Or those few cookies you snacked on? Those are all foods that can be and are very high in calories.

However, those are also foods that are rather simple to remove from your diet. Am I saying to totally eliminate them? No. There is always room for the stuff you enjoy, but having a plan for these things and ensuring these habits aren’t and don’t become the norm can be very beneficial for your fat loss goals.

Other low-hanging fruit examples may include having a serving of fruit or vegetables with every meal. Not only will these types of foods help fill you up, but micronutrients make you feel good and help your body function properly.

Personally, I am guilty of not consuming enough fruits and veggies due to my own laziness. However, changing this habit for the better is something that I would benefit greatly from.

These small changes in daily habits can often amount to big results.

The End:

Those are some simple things you can look at for some easy to implement yet effective strategies to help you in your fat loss journey!

Do you see any of these suggestions benefiting you and your fat loss goals? If so, let me know which ones in the comment section below!Thanks for reading everyone and I will see you back here this coming Thursday for my next article!


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