The Squat Bible Review!

Hey everyone! Thanks for checking out another Full Affect Fitness article! This article, “The Squat Bible Review”, is going to be all about the information-packed book from Dr. Aaron Horchig of the popular brand, Squat University.

Seeing as this isn’t a product that we would use in the gym, the review will be structured a little differently. None the less, it is going to be helpful as always!

This review will be broken down into 5 total sections:

  1. Product Overview
  2. The Knowledge/Information
  3. Book Navigation
  4. Book Quality
  5. Concluding Remarks

Product Overview:

This book from Dr. Aaron Horchig is 128 pages of pure education when it comes to the squat and it’s variations!

It is meant to teach the different lifts, how to address common issues with them, dispelling myths and teach some of the science behind the different squat variations.


As I said, this book is packed with highly applicable information relative to the many squat variations out there. Aaron focuses on three primary variations, which are the higher bar back squat, low bar back squat and the front squat. There are 12 chapters of pure education, all cited with legitimate scientific data, and written by a guy with a ton of experience… the ultimate combo!


There are four primary sections within this book, all of which include the information you need to understand how to squat properly. This is execution and fixing issues, as well as different myths to not worry about and what they actually mean. Lastly, he discusses different applications of the science behind squatting, mainly behind the loading of different joints across the different variations.

The only thing lacking in this bookis a warm-up section. I feel like it would help tie everything together as what you would need for a start to finish squatting performance. However, considering warm-ups vary a lot depending on the lifter, I can see why he chose to not include a warm-up section as well.

I believe this information would GREATLY benefit beginner to intermediate level lifters. Depending on how much self-research a more experienced lifter has done, it may or not be of much benefit to them. I have close to 4 years of lifting experience with a TON of self-research, and I received a substantial amount of benefit from this book.

One thing to note is that a lot of the information within this book is available on Aarons other social media outlets such as his Instagram and website. The thing is, there is other information within the book. However, more importantly, it is all under one roof. There is no need to go searching for it. All of the information is put together in one place, in a way that makes logical sense when learning about the squat!

I give the knowledge/information aspect of this book a 9/10 overallrating!

Table of contents!

Book Navigation:

Within this section of the review, I will be discussing how easy and enjoyable the book is to navigate. When we have an information-based book, it is important to be able to easily navigate it. Additionally, the book needs to be enjoyable to read. Few people have the desire to read a book that has a thousand tiny words per page for 128 pages.

As for navigation, the combination of a well set-up table of contents as well as the logical ordering of the information makes for easy and effective navigation. It is easy to find the information you want in the section that it should be with The Squat Bible.

Tons of info!

For the enjoyability of reading, I was pleasantly surprised. A lot of the time with information-driven books, it is just huge paragraph after huge paragraph. With this book, the font is a great size for ease of reading, and the paragraphs are broken up in a manner that makes it very easy to read!

Additionally, I love the fact that there are numerous pictures included to help break up the information. Not only that, but the pictures are awesome for further and properly illustrating the points that Dr. Horchig makes throughout the book! I rate the navigation of this book a 10 out of 10.

Book Quality:

The first thing I noticed about this book is the cool texture on the cover. It has a matte black look and feel to it, and is made of a quality paper which is important for a softcover book. The pages are bound like any standard book, no issues involved!

There is nothing special about the quality of The Squat Bibble. It is a well put together, quality book! It would be nice to have a hardcover version for those who want more protection for their novel, however.

If you take care of it, there should be no issues! I rate the quality a 9 out of 10.

Back of book

Concluding Remarks:

All in all, Dr. Aaron Horchigs Squat Bible is a phenomenal source of all the information he puts out. The price is definitely fair for having all the information under one roof, in a logical and applicable format.

I would highly recommend this book for beginner to intermediate lifters looking to further their knowledge of squats so they can better perform and understand the movement!

If you are interested in purchasing, here is a link to do just that!

Thanks for reading and be sure to leave any questions or comments in the comment section below!


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