The Truth on The Keto Diet – What You Need to Hear!

Everyone is looking for “the ticket” to weight loss. Well, I’m here to tell you that your ticket will need to include consistency, hard work and intelligence to achieve this. Do you know what the ticket doesn’t say, Keto Diet. Today I am here to tell you the truth on the Keto Diet.

In my opinion, the Keto Diet is overhyped and misleading with intentions of giving you a “miracle”, even though the only miracle out there will be a result of consistency, hard work and intelligence. But that’s not a miracle, that’s just a good work ethic. Enough blabbering, let’s get into the detail!

Keto Diets “Benefits” Debunked:

“It’s great for weight loss”

Oh, why’s that? What loses weight is staying in a caloric deficit, with adequate protein consumption helping, along with its aid in preserving muscle mass. Exercise can help with staying in a caloric deficit, while weight training specifically is awesome for helping preserve muscle mass as well.

The only weight loss benefit of the Keto Diet is if it helps you stay in a caloric deficit. When calories are equated, the Keto Diet is no better at achieving weight loss than a standard diet. The argument that Keto is the best because carbs are evil and you lose weight so quickly is false and misleading, this leads us to our next point.

“The pounds just fall right off with the Keto Diet”

Let me tell you something, the drastic drop in weight you see when starting the Keto Diet is simply from a reduction in water, with very little of it coming from fat. When you reduce/basically eliminate your carbs while on the Keto Diet, you deplete your glycogen stores. This is where some of the non-fat weight loss comes from. However, the kicker is with every gram of glycogen stored, roughly 3-4 grams of water are stored right along with it. Do you see where the drastic drop in body weight comes from now? It ain’t magic, stop believing the hype.

“I feel better than ever on the Keto Diet”

Well of course you do, the Keto gods said it was magic. Yea… no, most of the health benefits and healthier feeling you get is from the actual weight loss itself. Not because the carbs were a total drag on your mood. To any of you anti-carb police out there… the truth hurts. Ah, let’s talk about carbs!

“Carbs are the enemy! Try Keto, no carbs involved!”

Alrighty there, keep telling yourself that. I am going to tell you what’s true, carbs do not make you fat. People say all kinds of crazy things like carbs spike your insulin… which makes you fat! Or, carbs automatically get stored as fat! That’s not how it works, for one, carbs are mainly used for energy. Under normal conditions, it is unlikely or there are very minimal carbs stored as fat. Also, insulin is a storage hormone. Yes, when insulin levels are raised you do store more fat, however, that also means you would be eating less fat to begin with as it is carbs that would be spiking your insulin. What matters for weight loss is total daily calories and staying in a net caloric deficit.

The way you gain fat is when you are continually eating over your maintenance calories, typically by a fair amount. If carbs are causing you to do this, then that is when they contribute to weight gain. This would likely mean you are overeating fat along with carbs. Don’t forget about protein either though, those calories aren’t free. When you continually overeat calories is when you gain weight.

The Final Nail in The Keto Coffin:

Lastly, we have the bold claim of “Keto is the best diet”. This is purely laughable. This is for 3 main reasons, it is HIGHLY unsustainable, it is the furthest thing from ideal as far as performance goes, and finally, it is not efficient at producing results. Funny, the very thing that the diet is “supposed to do”, it isn’t good at.

Let’s look at why this is, for one, carbs are all around us, from oats to donuts. Following a rigid low carb diet that limits you to fat and protein doesn’t gel well with this. It limits our food choices and inhibits enjoyability. Next up on the chopping block, we have poor sports performance. Carbs are our main fuel source, so taking them away means a large cut to our performance. It depletes our glycogen stores and doesn’t give us the quick energy we need. No, fats are not the optimal source of energy when we need it quickly. They are used for longer distances as they are oxidized slower than carbs. To cap it all off, we have the lack of results. When we mix an unsustainable diet, with poor performance and a quick drop in weight (that’s mainly from water), we have a recipe for disaster. This because it is difficult to keep it up long term, seeing performance drop off isn’t reassuring, and most of all, when you see the scale go down, only to level off and likely go back up, it can be highly discouraging. All of this can lead to a relapse to your old habits and body weight.

Keto in a Nutshell:

Well, if the information I have given on Keto hasn’t shown you the downsides of it, you are likely one of the people that will never want to have their minds changed. From the sustainability, poor performance and lack of long term results, I feel like Keto has been sufficiently ripped apart. Don’t get me wrong, Keto does have its place. This is mainly in the medical field (DO NOT TAKE THIS ADVICE AS MEDICAL ADVICE), and the minority of people who can stick to and enjoy the Keto Diet.

I thank you for taking the time to read this article (more of a rant this time around I suppose, haha). If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to leave them below and I will be sure to reply!


Until Next Time,


Kohl Johnson

I thank you for taking the time to read this article! As always, if you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to leave them below and I will be sure to reply!

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Kohl Johnson

I am a 16-year-old fitness fanatic! I have learned nothing but quality training and nutrition information from the utmost well-respected individuals in the field. Now, my only focus is to share this knowledge with you for your benefit, in the most honest way possible. We are all in this together! LET'S GO!

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  1. You actually did justice to this and I have now realized how the sudden weight decrease comes. I always thought that I don’t have to go on any exercise to achieve weight loss during keto diet. I now understand how it works and the roles of carbohydrates and fat during keto. Thank you for this.  All I have been seeing online is mostly fake informations about keto diet.

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