Tips For Starting The Gym!

Hey everyone! Today I will be discussing some tips for starting the gym! I will be focussing on the fundamentals for mindset and some recommendations to help get you on the right path!

The Mindset:

When it comes to starting with working out, it is important to not go in with expectations that will cause counter-productive results if not met. While striving for goals and setting your standards high isn’t a bad thing, it can be if you allow them to get you down if things don’t go how you planned. When you are just starting out, you don’t have a whole lot of knowledge regarding how results are actually achieved, thus it can be difficult to set practical goals for you obtain.

You want to be striving for something. Set goals, but be careful with setting specific deadlines that they NEED to be met by.

Get into working out, get into bettering your nutrition, start seeing results and develop your knowledge. As you progress your knowledge, your results will progress. Then you can start making realistic plans towards achieving your goals. Also, since it is difficult to figure things out when starting out, hiring a knowledgeable coach can be a good idea to help get you on the right path for success.


Consistency comes down to selecting a training frequency that you can stick to week to week. It is about training at a frequency that is conducive to your goals while ensuring your plan is sustainable relative to you.

Figure out the number of days you want to be training that will help you accomplish your goals. Is it 3 days a week for some general muscle-building goals? 4 days a week to gain some strength? 5 days a week to make some serious muscle growth progress? Then, look at your schedule and plan how you will get in this number of training sessions per week.

Consider all the things within your week that would hinder your ability to get to the gym. Figure out a plan to train on days where you wouldn’t be affected, or how you can train around those obstacles on the days where they are present.

Laying a Strong Foundation:

Once the proper mindset has been determined, it is important to lay a strong foundation to build from for your training. Executing the movements with proper technique, all the time, while building some foundational strength and stability is important.

So how do we lay a foundation of strength? I like to start with the primary compound movements, starting super light and learning proper execution. When form is down pat, you can start progressively increasing the training stimulus through things like weight, reps and sets. Learning these primary movement patterns allow you to branch out to many other exercises where you can then become proficient with them.

No one cares how much you can lift. People admire those who perform movements properly and don’t ego lift. There is no reason to be moving more weight than you can handle just to impress people. If you feel that you need to impress people, that automatically makes them people who you shouldn’t want to impress.

That’s The Gist!

Well everyone, there it is! It starts with having the right mindset. Set some goals, but don’t get so wrapped up with them occurring at a specific time that it leads to anxiety and getting down on yourself if you’re not seeing the progress you were looking for. Have faith that your consistent effort will pay off. Then, cultivate a plan that you can consistently execute that will be conducive to you achieving your goals. Lastly, lay a strong foundation of quality movements!

Got any questions? Leave them below! I would love to interact with all of you in the comment section!


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Until Next Time.

Kohl Johnson

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