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Mobility is very important for executing lifts with the proper technique. Mobility refers to our ability to move joints throughout different ranges of motion/movement patterns.

Sometimes our mobility can be restricted through problems at the joint itself, and sometimes it can be restricted by tight muscles and or tendons holding them back.

This article will be providing 3 mobility tools that I have personally used and found very helpful. I’ll be describing their applications, giving you an overview of the product and I will link you to full reviews that I have done on them, as well as where you can purchase these products from! Let’s get into it!

Resistance Bands:

Resistance bands are a great tool for working on mobility at specific joints. They allow us to apply targeted resistance to specific parts of different joints with the ability to control the force we are using. This allows us to smoothly move the joints around as needed to address specific issues.

Sometimes joints get stiff and there can be blockages in the joint, preventing the mobility we would like. Positioning the bands in different areas around the joints and having it pull in different directions can help loosen the joints, clear up blockages and improve joint mobility.

Of course, that is highly general but it is a good overview of the application of resistance bands.

I personally use the Rogue Monster Bands. They have a simple design, are high quality and it’s always nice to have the well-known Rogue brand. My full review on them is linked below, and below that is a link that will take you directly to the Rogue website to check them out!

The Review

Check Them Out At Rogue Fitness

Foam Roller:

While foam rollers haven’t been shown to have long-lasting and long term benefits for soft tissue mobilization and flexibility, they do help loosen soft tissue in the short term. Pre-loosening soft tissue can help you get in more effective stretching which can be beneficial for improving mobility and range of motion.

Sometimes just loosening soft tissue helps by itself prior to a workout. I know if I have muscles feeling stiff I will roll them out and it helps loosen things up to further my warm-up for more effective training sessions.

I haven’t personally reviewed any foam rollers as I just buy generic ones. But I will link some different options on Amazon for you!

Rumble Rollers (deep knurls, will be aggressive. I personally find this style to be too aggressive but they can be helpful for the individual who needs/likes the extra “dig in”).

Master of MuscleFoam Roller (In the middle between smoothness for comfort and knurls to get into that soft tissue. My personal favourite type).

Amazon Brand (Basic foam roller that is totally flat. Highly comfortable and good for some light work on the soft tissue).

Keep in mind, I have not personally used any of these brands. But they are some different options for you to check out!

VooDoo Floss:

VooDoo floss is a tough rubber band that you can wrap around different joints and muscles. Nobody really knows why it works. Perhaps the rush of blood flow after taking it off helps. Or the compression and release of compression has a neurological benefit to increase range of motion.

Whatever the case, VooDoo floss has 2 very helpful applications. Prior to a session, improving your range of motion can help you have a better session. The other benefit of getting such an increase in range of motion is the ability to lock this new range of motion in and stabilize it so you can naturally execute it, without the VooDoo Floss.

To show you what VooDoo Floss can do, here is a before and after picture of the help VooDoo Floss had for my front rack position after applying it to my shoulder when I was warming up for my session.

Here is the review I did on VooDoo Floss:

Product Review

You can purchase VooDoo Floss bands here, from Rogue:

Purchase VooDoo Floss Bands

The End!

I hope this article was able to give you some good insight into products that can be helpful for improving our mobility! I am happy to answer any questions you may have, in the comment section below!

If you believe you are interested in purchasing any of these products, you can support me and the information I produce by using the affiliate links I provided which earn me a commission at no extra cost to you!

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