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Welcome to the new section of my website, Top Exercises. In this section of my website, I will be giving you the top 3, 5, or even 10 best exercises for different muscles groups and workouts. Each one of these posts will be chock-full of useful information that you will be able to apply to your workouts.

This won’t just be your typical list of exercises. I be will be explaining why I chose them, why they are beneficial and how you can best use them within your workouts. I feel this is crucial because what good does just telling you an exercise and saying “go out and do it”. I feel that it would be much more helpful to explain these exercises in hopes of furthering your training knowledge and so you can use them more effectively.

I am really excited to roll out this new section of posts on my website and cannot wait for you to be able to benefit from them! If you have any questions or comments, I urge you to leave them below so I can give you a reply! Enjoy!


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Kohl Johnson

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  1. I think it would be really cool if you could post some pop culture “themed” workouts.  Like do a DC vs Marvel shootout where you compare Aquaman to maybe Captain America’s workouts.  It seems like all the DC actors are bulking up as much as possible whereas Marvel actors are going for an overall fitness type of build.  

    I myself am on the fence about what type of working out I should do.  I’d like to bulk up, but it might be healthier for me to do a Marvel style workout.  One that places a priority on overall fitness rather than just bulk.  Anyways,  I hope to see more workout posts on your site in the future!

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