Torque Bumper Plates Review!

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by another article! Today is a Torque Bumper Plates Review article! Are you interested in picking up some new bumper plates? Do you have your eye on these particular plates? Allow me to provide you with the information for your purchase decision!

As with most of my reviews, I will be providing a product overview as well as a rating on durability, performance and appearance. I will then wrap it up with a concluding opinion on the product as a whole!

Product Overview:

Torque Fitness is a brand best known for outfitting commercial gyms or garage gyms. With this particular product, their bumper plates come in 10 pounds, 25 pounds, 35 pounds and 45-pound increments/options. Each of the plates have a designated colour for them. Let’s get to the durability rating!

Durability Rating:

With a bumper plate, we are looking for one that does not easily (ideally not at all) wear out from repetitive use of sliding them on and off of barbells. However, the bigger action that would cause the most amount of wear is the repetitive dropping from various heights.

Bumper plates are meant to be dropped. That is why they are made of plastic material or something similar. However, we want them to maintain their shape, weight and appearance as any changes in those can cause negative implications for use of the product, or in the case of aesthetics, the appearance.

These plates are made out of natural rubber and styrene-butadiene rubber. Their website describes an aspect of the specs as high tensile strength and hardness.

Seeing as natural rubber has characteristics of high strength and great resistance to wear and fatigue, as well as styrene-butadiene having good wear and bonding properties, and the styrene improves strength and abrasion resistance, the materials of these plates help the durability of the product considerably.

My gym, Movati Athletic, has these plates and I have used them countless times. Easily over 100 occasions. I have never had problems with the durability/useability of the plates. They continue to keep their form, weight (from what I can tell) and their appearance quite well.

Not only have I used them a ton, but think about the number of people going in and out of the gym, day after day, who put these weights through countless uses.

With the combination of durable materials and proven durability of these plates, I can say that they are made with great quality and will last a substantial period of time. From the metal casing of the centre to the outside rubber that is repeatedly dropped.

I give this product an overall durability rating of 10 out of 10. Now… onto the performance rating!

Performance Rating:

What are we looking for in a bumper plate? For general use, we are looking for a product that has a tight fit to the bar but is still easily applicable. We also want a plate that strikes the proper balance between bounce and a controlled drop.

So how do these plates perform?

When it comes to how tight of a fit they have to the bar, I would say they are decent. They certainly are not as tight as a Rogue competition plate, however, you need to keep in mind that we are not paying for competition plates with these.

These plates have some looseness to them when put on the bar. However, they are very easy to put on the bar and are held secure with the use of clips (as you really should be using clips most of the time, anyway)! They hold especially strong with the use of a quality clip!

What about the amount of bounce and dropping control?

When we drop a weight with bumper plates, we need it to bounce to ensure the plates and bar stay protected. However, having a huge bounce can be annoying for controlling the bar from going all over the place after it is dropped. Additionally, when performing things like barbell cycling where you may need to use the barbell soon after dropping it, having just enough bounce to protect the bar and plates, without a ton of height from the bounce, can allow you to perform a subsequent rep rather quickly if needed.

I find these plates strike the perfect balance. You shouldn’t really be dropping the black 10-pound plates as the skinniness of them makes them quite flimsy. However, anything above that can be dropped and has a fair amount of bounce while still being easily controlled. They bounce less and less the more weight you use, however, there is still enough to ensure the barbell and plates are protected.

I have dropped up to 205 pounds from over my head and found it had the perfect amount of bounce!

The other thing to consider is how accurate the weight of the plates are. I haven’t personally weighed them, however, considering they are not competition plates, I would expect a variance of 0 to two pounds from the stated weight. I do notice that the weight feels consistent across all the plates, however!

What do I rate these plates for performance? Taking into consideration that they are not priced like competition plates? 9 out of 10!

Appearance Rating:

If we’re going to purchase a plate, we might as well get an aesthetically appealing one!

The bottom line, all of these plates have one standard colour with the Torque name bulged out from it. They are streamlined with basic colours that pop. Nothing special to them.

Most weight plates have nothing special to them and these are no exception. They look nice but there are no notable features to mention.

With that in mind, I give the appearance of these plates an 8/10.

Concluding Remarks:

Well everyone… that is the review! All in all, the Torque Fitness plates are a durable product, with the performance being solid and matching the price you pay for them. The appearance of them is good.

I would definitely recommend these plates to any gym looking to get some quality plates that will last while performing well. This is especially true if you want to get things started without breaking the bank! This same concept applies to those looking to outfit their home gym with bumper plates!

Thank you very much for reading and please do feel free to leave any questions you may have in the comment section below!

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