Tricep Pushdown Benefits

Are you wondering about the tricep pushdown benefits? This is your article! I will be breaking the benefits down into 3 of the primary ones. These are listed below:

  1. Triceps Isolation
  2. Niche Exercise
  3. Low Fatigue

Let’s discuss!

Triceps Isolation!

As I discussed in an article from a while back, the way that you target a muscle group is by looking at the joints/where it attaches and moving those joints. That is the basic explanation. All 3 heads of the tricep insert at the elbow joint. That means if we require movement (extension in this case) of our elbow to move the resistance, our triceps will need to fire to move that joint.

Seeing as we are only moving our elbow joint, it is directly isolating the triceps. There are no other joints or muscles that actively contribute to moving the weight. This means it is direct volume/stimulus for the triceps, and the individual can easily focus on the mind-muscle connection aspect while performing the exercise.

These two attributes make this exercise highly effective for the goal of muscle growth, or for getting in some overall effective volume for the triceps!

Niche Exercise:

The triceps are a relatively small muscle group. While they do play a significant role in compound movements such as the bench press, a small isolation exercise has very different benefits from that of a primary compound movement like the bench press.

This is because we can’t load it super heavy, multiple muscle groups aren’t working synergistically and our options are limited as far as how we perform the exercise and our methods of progressive overload.

I know it sounds like this exercise isn’t worth anything based on that, but there certainly is great value that this exercise provides!

As I mentioned before, it is a great exercise for the goal of muscle growth. You can take advantage of not being able to train it super heavy by performing it in the higher rep range and implementing it following compound movements involving the triceps, or heavier triceps exercises. This helps take advantage of how our body recruits muscle fibres so we can optimally use the power and energy that we have.

Additionally, it has a very low fatigue demand on our body. What does this mean? Allow me to explain in the next section!

Low Fatigue:

Since this exercise isn’t typically trained heavy, and doesn’t involve numerous muscle groups and has a relatively low risk for injury, it means that it doesn’t put much overall fatigue or risk for injury on our body. What does this mean?

For the goal of hypertrophy, it can produce highly effective volume for little recovery demand. This frees up work for bigger and heavier exercises. It also allows us to better recover so we can perform optimally in subsequent training sessions.

Believe it or not, this is highly beneficial for the goal of strength as well. When we are training for strength, we focus the majority of our efforts on heavy compound exercises as those are what will yield the most benefit for our goal.

However, adding in specific isolation exercises for lagging muscle groups can help to build them up to contribute to the primary compound movements. Also, many individuals (myself included) enjoy getting in some “hypertrophy specific” volume while strength training to maintain muscle mass, or even gain some.

That’s Da Benefits!

Well everyone, those are my thoughts on the triceps pushdown! I have implemented this exercise a ton in my years of training and have found it extremely beneficial for a variety of applications!

Got questions? Leave em in the comment section below and I’ll be sure to respond!


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