UA Project Rock Earbuds – Review!

Product: Under Armour True Wireless Flash Review

Price – $269.00 (CAD)

Sound Quality – Awesome

Ease of Use – Awesome

Overall Rating – 10/10

Where to Buy – Under Armour

Everyone understands how beneficial music for training sessions can be, you likely also understand how some headphones just don’t cut it. I have tried numerous pairs throughout my training years, and the one I am about to review is without a doubt my favourite thus far!

The Project Rock True Wireless Flash Earbuds are a pair of truly wireless earbuds by Under Armour from the Project Rock line, with the audio coming from the reputable brand, JBL. This product has so many positives going for it, it is outstanding! Allow me to give you a durability, performance and appearance rating. Let’s get into the article!

Durability Rating:

Unlike many of the other products I have reviewed, this is one that I have not had for very long. I have been using them for around a month, so what you can expect from this section of the article is my current experience and what I expect them to be like from a durability standpoint.

So far, everything from the case to the product has been functioning optimally with no issues in that regard. The case still opens and closes fine, charges the earbuds and has kept its great look! The earbuds themselves have been performing awesome and remain compact and sturdy.

The charging life has been very similar to what it says on the box which is 25 hours (fully charged earbuds and case). I have not noticed any decrease in battery life at this point, however, that is to be expected.

The only flaw I have found with the durability of this product would be a couple of minor scratches on the aluminum case. These cratches are noticeable, however, the case still looks great. I would suggest only using the plastic carrying case when going out. This is as long as you are connected to the earbuds (the case is required to establish or re-stablish a connection) and will not need any longer than 4 hours of battery life without a recharge. The box says 5 hours, but I am going with 4 just to be on the safe side.


All in all, as of right now my durability rating is a 9.5/10. Everything is functioning optimally and there are no reasons to believe things will begin to breakdown anytime soon. Like most products from the Project Rock line, they are made with quality in mind! Let’s jump into the performance rating!

Performance Rating:

The real reason why anyone would be purchasing a product in the first place is for it to benefit them in one way or another. We first need to understand how this product is supposed to benefit us before we can asses it’s performance. With this particular product, it is supposed to be a sleek form of audio, that has great sound quality and sufficient battery life, all while being designed for athletic performance. Let’s see if this product checks off all the boxes!

Let’s first talk about how sleek this product is. With the small and truly wireless earbuds that can be transported in a low profile plastic carrying case, this product certainly does not take up much space. Yet it is still a product with sustenance that certainly has an impact!

As for being solid when it comes to connectivity, I have not had any problems with these earbuds when connecting them how they are supposed to be connected. They pair together with the phone almost instantaneously and never disconnect unless you get out of range, which is about 30 feet or so.

The sound quality of these headphones is phenomenal, the base is absolutely insane while they have just the right amount of volume power for basically everyone. I was honestly pleasantly surprised with the sound quality and volume of this product, as that is typically an area that lacks when switching to a truly wireless earbud. By now, you can probably tell that these earbuds are meant for those who want a low profile headphone that functions great and has perfect sound quality.

Let’s talk about battery life! These headphones have an incredible amount of battery power in them. When I first got them, I went through 9-10 training sessions with them, while also using them in other scenarios without having to recharge the battery case. Simply plug it in overnight and they’re good to go for another week to 10 days (at least for my schedule). I am truly impressed with the battery life of these headphones, as this category of product typically doesn’t live up to the hype that the company claims.

When it comes to using these earbuds for training purposes, I have had zero issues. They have not once come out of my ears, whether I am performing powerlifting style movements, Olympic lifting or even plyometrics such as box jumps. I have not yet taken these earbuds on a run yet, however, with the 3 different sizes of ear tips and how snug they feel in my ears, I can just about guarantee you no problems with running!

A Cool Feature and Performance Rating:

Now let’s talk about a cool feature that comes along with these earbuds. Of course, there are truly wireless earbuds on the market that allow you to play/pause, skip songs and activate tools like Siri. This product is no different, it does a great job of accomplishing these functions.

However, it has a super cool feature that no other product has! This is bionic hearing which has talk thru technology. This feature allows you to press the control button on the left earbud once, which automatically lowers the volume of your music and amplifies any outside noise or voice around you. This allows you to have conversations without the need to turn off your headphones. Yes, that’s right, when talkative Ted tries to strike up a conversation, you can at least stay somewhat in the zone by not needing to turn off your music or take out your earbuds!

All in all, I give this product a perfect 10/10 on performance. This is saying something since I don’t throw perfect scores around lightly! The sleekness, impeccable connection, great audio, outstanding battery life and of course, the talk thru technology all just works too perfectly and is far too cool for this product to not receive a rating like this!

Appearance Rating:

When we are going to invest a significant amount of our hard-earned dollars into a product, it is ideal for the product to look great while we are using it. Let’s see how these earbuds stack up!

We’ll start with the charging and carrying case. The charging case is made out of a flashy gold that has a matte finish. It has The Rocks signature bull logo and motto “Blood Sweat Respect”. It gives a true sense of pride in the product. It also has a lockable carabiner on the case which is a nice addition. The low profile, black carrying case also has his logo on the outside with the same words on the inside. Both of these cases look fantastic and would make anyone proud to own this product!

Now onto the earbuds. They are black with his bull logo done in gold colouring on the outside button of each earbud. They have a nice knurl which adds great character to the product. I love the blacked-out look, with the gold logo tying everything in together to make the earbuds pop!

All in all, I give the appearance a 10/10 as well! Everything just looks too clean and streamlined with just the right amount of pop to not give the appearance of this product a perfect score!

Concluding Remarks:

Whew, what an article! I don’t need to re-cap what I have talked about, I believe the information given shows enough about how truly great this product is. However, allow me to let you know who I feel this product is perfect for. In my opinion, those who are athletic and want a great functioning product with perfect sound quality all while having nothing but a great product appearance is who these earbuds would suit best!

If this sounds like you, you can check out these earbuds at the following link below!

Buy at Under Armour

As always with these reviews, the goal is to give you the information you need to make your purchase decision. Let us know what you think of this product in the comments below! As always, if you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to leave them below and I will be sure to reply!


Until Next Time,

Kohl Johnson

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18 Responses

  1. I definitely subscribe to this theory, needing some tunes playing to keep me going as I work out, and this one has such a sleek gold look to it.

    The combined battery life and durability of the Under Armour True Wireless Flash makes it a ripper of a product and a must have.

    Your review is detail and provides a great sounding board for allowing us to take all factors into consideration, and I will use it to compare against other like products to finalise my decision.



  2. First thing I observed about  Under Armour True Wireless Flash is it’s sleek and sporty look. As I read your article, I was impressed with its battery life. The ones I am using now for almost a year would only last for a day. Before it would last for 3-5 days depending on its use. Though I am not athletic person, my work requires me to move around the building and holding a phone in my hand is really awkward that why I bought an earbuds for that purpose. I have to agree on this product outstanding feature. It is great too for a working environment wherein you can hear what’s happening around while listening to your music. Keeps you get going while working! Thanks for sharing infos you got in this product. Will surely check this out.

    • Hi there, this sounds like a product that may be beneficial for you! Thank you so much for checking out the article, I am very glad it was able to help you!

  3. Hi kohl, I agree with you that there’s need to have a wireless earphone on that enhances and boost morale while having a workout session. I like mountain running but i hate it when my earphone just kept on sliding out of my ears due to the movement of the wire. In true, I have heard about this under armour wireless earbud and I think it’s high time I got one for myself. Going by this review, they seem to be top notch and the cool feature of being able to take note of the environment without killing the music is unique and new. The pricing seems okay considering the performance and quality. I’d surely give it a try

    • Hi Tracy, it sounds like this product would be great for you! Thank you so much for checking out the article, I am glad it was able to give you beneficial information!

  4. This sounds like a perfect match for me…I’ve always ended up with one side of my earpiece not functioning due to breaks in the wires. With this wireless earbud not only will be saved of line breakage but dangling of the wires whenever I’m on the run. I like the gold colour of the Under Armour True Wireless Flash….it makes it look classic. 

    Sharing your personal experience on it has been helpful but would like to find out about the effect of long hours of contact with sweat. Does it affect it in any way? Thanks for the information.

    • Hi there, I am so glad you were able to benefit from my review! 

      So far, I have not noticed any implications from the sweat. They are rated to be sweat and waterproof at IPX-7, which means they are ok to take splashes of sweat/water, they just can not be immersed in it for longer than 30 minutes at a depth of no more than 1 metre.

      I hope this answers your question!

  5. I’m glad I found this review, it’s really helpful – thank you.  I didn’t even know that Under Armour was making headphones/earbuds, but it’s good to hear that they’re partnering with JBL.  My daughter has a JBL wireless speaker.  It’s tiny, and probably at the lowest end of their price range, but the sound quality is really impressive, so I’m not surprised that you found the same with the earbuds.  With other earbuds, I’ve always had issues with fit especially when working out; I was very happy to read your comments about that.  I’ve been thinking about springing for a nice set of earbuds, and based on your review, these are a top contender.  Thanks again.

  6. Hi, those are a beautiful set of earphones. I love that they are wireless and I love that gold case.  How long is the battery life for these?  How log does it take to charge these?  Is the sound quality worth the price? I like that I dont need too have the wires annoying me while I am working out and getting in my way. 

    • Hi Jake, I agree, they look great! The battery life with a full charge of the earbuds and case is supposed to be 25 hours. I am actually not sure about the charging time and I don’t see it listed on their website. I just plug mine in overnight and they are ready to go in the morning. I would say the tremendous sound quality is defintley worth the price! The true wireless aspect of these headphones is very, very awesome!

  7. I love JBL products! I have their wireless speaker and it actually is functioning great as my speaker system in my Subaru right now. But my partner and I have been researching wireless earbuds recently because we both do a lot of group calls on a weekly basis, some with video and some without. 25 hours seems to be plenty of charge time to always keep these headphones useful! 

    • Hey Tucker, JBL products certainly are very well known for their quality and great performance!

      I’m sure these headphones would work great for what you would be using them for. Another pair that I think would suit your needs perfectly are the AirPods. If you would like, you can check out my review of them by clicking here.

  8. I have to say, that is a lot of money for a pair of ear buds.  They would truly have to be amazing for me to get them!

    For my job we are allowed to listen to music with one ear bud in and the other ear free.  I wonder how they would do if you could only use one of them.

    However, this is the third review that I have checked out on your site and I think you do a fantastic job at selling your products.  I very much trust your opinion because of how detailed you are with everything.

    • Hi Annie, they are quite expensive. However, I feel the value certainly justifies the price!

      These earbuds wouldn’t be perfect for listening with only one as you may miss out on some of the functions that the button on the other earbud provides. Seeing as they are so easy to use and have very strong sound quality, they would still work great if only using one of them!

      I am glad you are able to trust the information I provide, that makes me very happy!

      Take care!

      ~ Kj

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