What is Full Body Training? – Answered!

Hey everyone, thanks for checking out another Full Affect Fitness article! Today’s topic is going to be all about full-body training, with the intent being to clear up any confusion you may have! As always with my fitness definition articles, I will be including a definition, the relation of the topic to our training and how we can implement it!

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Full Body Training Explained:

Full body training, in essence, means that your workouts involve training your entire body. What your individual workouts entail will be highly relative to your own goals. However, whatever your goals are, the full-body training method will follow the same general rule of thumb. Training your entire body each workout!

An example of this in regards to the goal of hypertrophy would go as follows. You would have a set amount of volume you want to achieve for each muscle group within a week. What this means is each session you need to have this volume in mind so you can total your total weekly sets per muscle group at the end of the week. For example, in a full-body session, you may have a quad focused session with 8 sets being for quads and each other muscle group only having 3 sets.

Full Body Training Related to Your Goals:

There are many goals that will significantly impact how your full body training will look. Let’s list them off! For hypertrophy, you will be looking to try and achieve a certain amount of volume each session for a certain muscle group. For strength, it may be the number of compound lifts and or accessory exercises you do. For power training, it may be a main exercise and an accessory exercise for different movement patterns. Meanwhile, endurance may be circuit training with each exercise being a full-body movement in itself!

With any full-body training, you need to understand what your goal is and how you need to go about achieving that goal. From there, you can look at implementing exercises and how you will program these exercises to fit the full-body training approach!

Implementing Full Body Training:

Now that we understand what full-body training is and how there are many, many ways to implement it, it is time to break down different goals to get a general idea of how we can actually implement full-body training! This will come down to figuring out how to execute the general plan that is most relative and effective for someone to achieve their specific goal!

We already discussed hypertrophy above, so let’s not spend any more time on that!

For strength, we use the main compound lifts as our primary movements, implementing them in a way that works your entire body is an example of full-body strength training for this particular goal. You can also consider using accessory exercises to help with the full-body approach as well! For power, different movement patterns produce power from different areas and in different ways. Incorporating exercises that encompass all the main mechanisms of doing this for various movement patterns is how you full-body train for power. Lastly, to improve endurance, full-body exercises are typically quite demanding on the cardiovascular system, so implementing them (possibly in a circuit to enhance the cardio effect) certainly is a viable option!

The Gist on Full Body Training:

All in all, we know full-body training encompasses training your entire body during each session throughout the week. However, we have also discovered that depending on one’s goal, each training session and weekly training setup can look very different depending on their goals. This is when we need to break down the pathway to achieve these goals and figure out what each session needs to entail to achieve our goals while implementing the full-body training principle!

Did you find this article beneficial in answering your question of what is full-body training? If so, let me know how it benefited you and any improvements you would like to see for future articles! I am extremely grateful to have people viewing and benefiting from the information that I am putting out! As always, if you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to leave them below and I will be sure to reply!


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