What You Need To Know About Artificial Sweeteners!

There are so many people that swear artificial sweeteners are the most cancer-causing thing out there… next to slightly charred steak of course ?.

Here’s the thing… the studies that show negative health effects from artificial sweeteners usually include one of two things (or both). A crazy high dosage of the sweetener, or they use rodents (which can process the substance differently than humans), thus causing a different result.

This causes a lot of people to write off artificial sweeteners, when in a lot of cases, they have great benefits in the different products they are used in.

The Benefits:

The primary requirement for fat loss is to create a calorie deficit. Of course, pop is high in calories. However, diet pop uses artificial sweeteners to provide the same taste, with very little to zero calories.

If someone was scared of artificial sweeteners, they might not have the diet pop. You might think, ok… what’s the big deal? Well, if someone feels too restricted, they are more likely to binge.

This isn’t conducive to a calorie deficit. If someone has the odd diet pop to help satisfy their sweet tooth, it can help with diet sustainability for no calorie cost! There are many other foods and drinks that utilize artificial sweeteners, and they would also fall into this category!

Additionally, water flavouring tends to use artificial sweeteners as well. Taking in adequate water has many benefits for fat loss, and if a water flavouring helps you consume adequate amounts of water, it’s a win-win!

The End:

Just a quick article today, but hopefully this has shown you that artificial sweeteners likely aren’t as bad as many say. They actually have a couple of great benefits, which are specifically beneficial for fat loss! How much you use artificial sweeteners (if at all) is your decision, this is just my take!

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