When Should You Take Protein Powder?

You’ve got your brand new tub of protein powder and now all of a sudden you wonder, when should you take protein powder? This article will give you the answer you need in 2 minutes or less!

Because… the answer really isn’t complicated!

The Basics:

When optimizing protein intake, there is ahierarchyof importance for the process as far as retaining and building muscle goes. The primary factor is hitting the total amount of protein you’re wanting to consume within the day. That is the majority of the process.

However, the amount you have for each meal and the number of protein feedings you have throughout the day also plays a roll. Consuming 20-40 grams of protein spread out across 4 or more feedings throughout the day will optimize the benefits you get from protein for muscle growth.

If 3 feedings works best for you, don’t worry. You will lose very, very little benefit, if any, from having 3 feedings.

How Does This Apply to Taking Protein Powder?

Now that we know the gist of taking protein in throughout the day, we can apply this information to protein powder and see how it can best be used for YOU… the individual. The answer really does depend on YOU.

Protein powder is a useful tool for hitting your total daily protein goal. Using protein powder in an amount that will help with this (ideally getting most of your protein from whole foods) requires no specific guidelines. Take the amount in a day that will help you hit your total daily protein goal.

But when should you take it? If there is a time throughout the day where it would be difficult to get in a full meal, and it would be ideal to have a protein feeding during this time… take your protein powder! This time will depend on the individual and their schedule.

Lastly… if you have no problem getting in your meals when you want to be eating them and you’re just using protein powder to help hit your total daily protein goal… take it whenever is best suited for YOU.

Again… the most important thing is hitting your total daily protein goal!

That’s All!

That’s all the info folks! Got any questions? Leave them in the comment section below! Thank you for reading!


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