Why Aren’t People Doing The Basics For Overall Health?

You hear so many things nowadays that at first glance, seem to be the most crucial and vital thing for your health. Of course, I am talking about eating strictly organic non-GMO foods, staying away from meats, never touching alcohol and hopping on the latest diet trend that is proven by financially driven influencers.

If you were genuinely convinced by anything I just said, you especially need to continue reading.

The 8 Basics:

Sleep well, eat quality food lots of the time, eat lots of fruits and vegetables and drink enough water, workout and stay in good shape, don’t smoke and don’t drink excessively, and do your best to mitigate stress.

Most of us have been told and shown these things as we grow up. Your parents hopefully put you to bed on time as a baby. Your school system harped about the importance of quality food and lots of fruits and vegetables. Kids are often involved in sports and live active lifestyles. You are constantly reminded that smoking is basically a sin by those who care about you (an exaggeration, but really, don’t smoke). You work to mitigate stress by managing your time and having your own downtime.

But, somewhere along the way life gets a little difficult to follow, and we grow to be more independent, and there are so many options, all with reasons to commit to them or stay away.

Your up late at night to get that school work done, your sleep suffers. You have your own money and there’s a McDonalds just down the street, time to go hit it up with your friends! You like the idea of getting in shape and developing your body but people tell you not to get too bulky or say you’ll always be skinny. All the “cool” kids are smoking and partying hard twice a weekend, every weekend. What do you think all this contributes to? You guessed it, stress.

It is easy to get pulled every which way. Ultimately, the basics work for maintaining your overall health and well-being. The best part about it is that the only single thing you can control in this life is what determines whether or not these habits get done. That’s you.

You control you and you decide whether or not you’re going to commit to these habits. Some individuals may have a much harder situation, making it difficult to do these things. Maybe your family is low on money and fruits and vegetables aren’t always a thing. Fine, hit up the breakfast club at school. Maybe you’re fat and get bullied and don’t have any belief that you can change. Fine, do the work to better yourself anyway. Maybe your parents are constantly fighting, causing you to be stressed. Fine, good thing you can develop your own peace because you give orders to your mind. Not the other way around. At the end of the day, there is ALWAYS a way.

I myself don’t do exactly as I should, heck, I’m far from doing what I should be doing. I am undisciplined and don’t go to bed when I should; I take the easy route and eat the less-quality food because it’s convenient and tastes good; I’m often lazy and don’t take the time to prepare and eat my fruits and vegetables.


I will say I do a damn good job of working out and staying in shape. It helps that I love to do that. I also don’t smoke and haven’t been sucked into the party scene. I have done what’s needed to be done to mitigate massive stress in my life and continue to work to mitigate stress.

Everyone has their strengths and things they need to improve on. Notice how I didn’t say weaknesses to fix? An area for improvement is only a weakness if you play the victim card. Otherwise, it’s an opportunity, a damn strength. There is great pride that comes with knowing you are progressing your life in a way that YOU WANT to progress it.

If your health is important to you, it’s up to you. Don’t fall for all the short term “fixes”, promises and crap promoted by financially and ego-driven individuals. If your health and well-being is a priority, do the fundamentals, the basics that work. We can all work to be better at these. It is up to us to do just that.

A reminder of the basics:

  1. Proper Sleep
  2. Quality Foods
  3. Fruits & Vegetables & Water
  4. Workout & Stay In Shape
  5. No Smoking
  6. Not Excessively Drinking
  7. Mitigating Stress


Until Next Time,

Kohl Johnson

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Kohl Johnson

I am a 16-year-old fitness fanatic! I have learned nothing but quality training and nutrition information from the utmost well-respected individuals in the field. Now, my only focus is to share this knowledge with you for your benefit, in the most honest way possible. We are all in this together! LET'S GO!

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