Why There Is NO Best Diet For Fat Loss!

Talk to 10 different believers in 10 different diets and the way to know if they’re knowledgable or not is to ask them if their diet is the best for fat loss.If they say yes, they’re not knowledgable. Or at the very least they’re lying.

To understand why there is no best diet for fat loss, we need to understand how fat loss works, at least on a basic level.

Fat Loss:

When you feed your body fewer calories than it needs for day to day function, it doesn’t just start turning things off that burn calories (assuming you aren’t in an extreme circumstance). It burns body fat to obtain the extra calories that it needs.

A calorie deficit is what elicits fat loss. If 2 diets produce a calorie deficit, how can one be better? They will both produce fat loss. Assuming they have adequate protein within them, there isn’t a better option, at least on paper.

One of them will be better, but it’s not because one has a component that is inherently better no matter the circumstance.

Allow me to explain why.

How Does It Serve You?

Everyone responds better or worse to different things. Some may feel better on lower carbohydrates, and they may prefer low carb. What diet does this sound like? The Keto Diet. In this circumstance, the Keto Diet might be best FOR THEM.

However, most people will feel better on a moderate or higher carb diet. If this is the case, does Keto make sense? Probably not. Something that creates a calorie deficit, has enough protein and is moderate to high in carbs is likely best.

Of course, no matter the diet, a focus on whole and minimally processed foods is best.

If you were to compare diets with the same calorie deficit and same protein intake, there wouldn’t be much of a difference in fat loss. But if someone feels better on a specific diet, surely the diet they feel better on is the best.

With that being said, it’s not just about what makes you feel better.


You could follow the most rigid and strict diet and feel good physically. But in most circumstances, you won’t feel good mentally because you’ll hate it. Maybe I’m wrong and you’ll love it, but chances are you won’t be a fan.

Instead of this, you could follow a diet that still has a calorie deficit, enough protein and focusses on whole, minimally processed foods, but one that is full of foods that you enjoy.

You’ll most likely feel good both physically and mentally on this diet.

What Does This Mean?

As you can tell, assigning a “best” label as a catch-all for a diet doesn’t make sense. All diets work in the presence of a calorie deficit and proper protein intake, and will all work well if the focus is on whole and minimally processed foods.

But the word “best” is not something that you can slap on the diet because of your personal belief. The word best is something that can only be applied by the individual using the diet, and the individual who knows what diet works BEST FOR THEM.

That is what I have to say about that. If you have any questions or comments, please do leave them in the comment section below! Thank you very much for reading and I do hope this article was able to bring you value!


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